Claws from CNQG

The DX thread made me curious - vs .

What's the difference between the two? Why is one double the price of the other?

I have the Boyou one that arrived with the DQG III. I really like it but haven't had time to see how it holds up with every day use - is it sturdy enough? Will it lose flexibility? Will the wire pop off its place? (i.e. can I trust it with my keys?)

Strangely enough I was just looking at exactly the same thing, and wondering the same. The boyou one with the DQG is nice, and I've been looking for some more, and came across both on CNQualitygoods. Can't find them anywhere else, just regular "lobster claws"

the cheap one looks chromed, so maybe not really stainless?

Most stainless steel items I've seen are shiny. It probably depends on exact composition and polish.

These Boyous are very reminiscent of the McGizmo's clips (not exact copies though).

EDIT: Just checked my facts and I purchase a different clip,

Cheaper by far and much nicer finish, my comments below are for the above clip.Definitely buy ten for the price break.

The only problem I've found with these is the clips I received had a very tight spring (YMMV), great if you are not opening them often, but a pain if you need to unclipp regularly. Finish seems excellent for the price they are a bargain.

The 'Boyou' clips are quite a bit LARGER than the other listing. If size is truly at a premium, the smaller clips are very well-made (and reminiscent of a Surefire clip)

I use the larger Boyous daily, and they have held up very well on keyring duty.

I prefer the non boyu's as they are smaller, stainless and possibly stronger

Okay, just ordered 10 Boyous and one of the other kind just for kicks.

I'll know more about it in... a month from now? arrgghhh. (no wonder I can't stay within my budget. ah well, I PROMISE this is the last online buy for this month. I PROMISE.)

If you clip/unclip often, I would suggest these. They are very strong and solid and are extremely easy on the fingers to use. They also look really sweet on lanyards and such. Clip item # is oSCXX10

JohnnyMac - is it stainless steel?

I don't clip and unclip often, so I'm happy with the hard-to-open Boyous. I like the swivel on the one you linked to, looks more practical than a split ring.

This looks interesting, although unfortunately he doesn't ship to Israel, and the next cheapest I found costs more than the CNQG offer.

Anyway, I'll wait for the Boyous and see how comfortable they are. For now I'm using the one that came with the DQG for my car key (the large and awkward Renault card) and it's like magic - my keychain fits far better in my pocket and there's a better reach than with my previous 22mm split ring, so I'm happy with that and looking forward to the other clips...

That’s a good question and I don’t have an answer for you. I haven’t seen any rust on them yet but that’s about all I can tell you.

Wow right after that comment they just sold 10.

Which is very similar to

You can find these by searching Fenix Lobster Claw.

Just a little bit dearer

What comment? Mine?

I bought some Boyou from CNQG ( after reading about them in this thread and I really like them. They are about the same size as the McGizmo's Mini Clip 35mm ( but cost only $1.50. I prefer the Boyou's much tighter clip because I have had my keys accidentally dropped out from the McGizmo's (35mm) before. I have not used it for long but they look and feel like they will last a while.

Yeah, yours. I was viewing the link and it just started dropping. :P

It should have dropped again - I just ordered some. Thanks for the link Johnnymac.


My words have power! F-yeah!!


Just rec’d several of both kinds mentioned in the first post — 35mm Boyou and 26mm “Compact 316”

I like the much stronger spring on both, compared to those I have been using.

I’d learned caution with my previously purchased smaller clips
(26mm, mini, micro; stamped either with “MM” in a circle, and sometimes a 2 or 3; or stamped with the “Sun” icon from Suncor)
Used on a belt loop, if sitting or turning made the light or keys rotate, the spring could open from sideways pressure, and the clip fall off.

I’ve been happy with my older 34 mm clips — Suncors from Berkeleypoint like this:

(they now sell the clips made by Don McLeish, I’ve never had those to compare).
Suncor are identified as being Stainless 316 alloy — same as the more expensive smaller ones from CQG.

I don’t know what the Boyous are — they say “stainless steel” but nothing more.
They are so shiny I wondered as someone else did above if they’re chrome plated.

Noticeable difference between the Boyou and the older 34mm — the gap opening is smaller on the Boyou.
its base area (where the holes are) is a bit bigger, extending up a little further toward the ‘hook’ and the hook
part is slightly longer, so that the gap covered by the spring is smaller.

That means the Suncor “34mm” snaps easily over a rod the diameter of an ordinary wooden pencil because the
opening is larger, but then the slightly longer spring interferes a bit more getting the pencil up into the curve of the hook.

The same pencil is quite tight in the opening of the Boyou, gets gouged a bit when squeezed through the smaller gap,
but then the somewhat shorter spring doesn’t interfere after that getting the pencil into the curve of the hook.

That’s a somewhat significant difference for convenience — I often hang my clipped lights and keys on rods like a grill or over a wall-mounted ring.
The metal there is pencil-diameter and so the clips feel quite different in this particular use.

Only other notable difference: on all the other clips I’ve had,
and also on the CQG 26mm “Compact 316” clips,
the holes for the wire spring go all the way through the body.
I prefer that — I can see that the spring wire is cut long enough, and is deeply seated in the holes.

The 35mm Boyou has blind holes — can’t tell how deeply the spring wire is seated because the holes don’t go all the way through.
Can’t be sure the holes are deep enough and the wire cut long enough to be securely socketed.
If not, over time gunge could build up in the hole and cause the spring to bind, or to back out if it’s short.
But that’s not a big worry.