Clear Convoy S2+

I guess fasttech got the first dibs of the clear s2+…

clear s2+

Pictures from their site.

looks slick.

Looks like the button is metal but black…

No new firmware?

That does not look like the greatest quality control…


What is wrong with this pill?

Convoy had always a good quality.

Black button looks like plastic…

S2+ fan here, but still fairly noobish. Since it appears XP-L HI is a feature of the new clear Convoys, I’m curious as to the reasoning in the S2. I can see in a C8 (DO WANT), but is it really going to turn an S2 into a thrower with that small reflector? Or are there other advantages of tiny domeless emitters that I’m not aware of?

Beam shots, anyone?

More throw, but nowhere near a dedicated thrower with 42mm reflector
Less tint shift for domeless between hotspot and spill

nice looking light but the black tail switch looks like crap!


If you remove the anodizing, then any Convoy becomes clear.

Looks good to me. Nice solder joints, copper mcpcb. Why do you say that?

Simon has them

I think Dave G was referring to the LED board hanging loose by its wires.

That’s what I was thinking. The top side of the board wasn’t sitting as flat like the bottom side without the head fully assembled, wouldn’t the reflector push the LED board fully flush with the shelf?

Yes, the LED board is clamped between the pill and the reflector (or TIR if you prefer that)

Apparently theres a new groove for reverse clip.

Does that mean longer reflector?

No. The whole flashlight length doesn’t changed. Same as older S2+ (118mm)
So I think the reflector is the same but smooth.

Yes, that board hanging loose from the pill just doesn’t look right.

Although depending on how well clamped it would be to the pill, once its inside the head, it might not be an issue. Thanks to Texas_Ace’s test here As long as its pushed down tightly and both surfaces are smooth all should be well.

I received mine today, it was ordered from fasttech and i must say i got a nice surprise, first is that the tail cap is lighted with blue leds and the second is the included pocket clip. Those things are not mentioned anywhere, not even at the convoy store at aliexpress. Good stuff i must say.

I guess my plan for a fet driven S2+ will wait since i don’t know if the BLF A6 driver will work properly with the leds in the tail.