Clearance Westinghouse 2000mah 18650 on clearance at Walmart

I picked up 4 packs of these 4 cells for $2 each (16 batteries for $8). $0.50 a battery isn’t too bad. Won’t be high performing batteries but good enough for random lights around the house.


Looks like the price is now $1 per cell.

Still a good deal.

2000 mah is a decent amount for that price

Definitely a good investment to feed the S2+’s left all around the house with.

might be worth trying to figure out how old they are
batteries can deteriorate due to shelf life
4-5 years is about the max before capacity starts dropping a lot

My local Walmart lists 4 in stock.
I walked around that store so many times that people thought I worked there.
Could not find, no one could even tell me what department to look in.

Here's another way to check inventory, but I've had mixed results with the site's numbers matching what I could find in stores.

what would westinghouse make, that would have 18650s?

cordless vacuum cleaner maybe

some appliance like thing that uses a lot of power

vaping stuff?
power bank?
camping lanterns?
chain saw? leaf blower?

one internet wag said they were in the garden section

“Westinghouse NEW 8 Pack 3.7V 18650 Size Lithium Iron …
Rating: 3.4 - ‎9 reviews
Designed to be compatible with Westinghouse solar lights, t”


Solar light batteries are very low drain and slow charge.
But should be good for power banks

Yes, good point. I wouldn’t bother with those cells for flashlights, even something of modest power like a s2+. Old laptop cells would probably beat them.

Yeh, these are in the Walmart Garden Department Area. Sold especially for solar garden lighting, walkways, etc.

I found mine on the clearance aisle. If anything they’ll work for phone chargers lol

I actually went back to look there, there is no garden department, it is now the Christmas store.

LOL…that’s where they keep them during the spring thru summer…At Holiday Time they scatter them to a SALE TABLE usually close to where they normally reside.

There was a clearance area in the garden area. No batteries

these are good to a 2a drain.
fine for most uses.
not good for vapes,high power lights,ect.
they do fine in a s2+ running around 2.8a.
2a was the highest i tested them and they delivered almost 2ah at that rate.

Too bad. There was 2 packs of them in my local Walmart on a table next to Garden Area. But, I decided really didn’t need them. I have too many good 18650’s as it is.