【Clearance】Wurkkos WK01/WK02/WKC06/TS30/TS30S lowest price/HD20 new color orange release

Single click access to a constant frequency strobe from off would be very useful. There is currently a lack of decent lights for light painting photographers as per section 1 of this article: https://www.stephenknightphotography.com/post/best-flashlights-for-light-painting-photography-2022

Nice offer, thanks. I’ve ordered one WK01. I wish it the tail click had been a reverse clicky, instead of a forward clicky.

Too bad but understandable. Any chance for a deeper carry pocket clip? That alone would make an attractive upgrade over the FWAA.

we will get more adapted clip to try

WK01/WK02 some color tint will sold out soon :person_with_crown:

Thanks. Ordered 2 WK02.

FC12 New color blue&black; red https://wurkkos.com/products/wurkkos-fc12-new-color-usb-c-rechargeable-tactical-flashlight-sft40-2000lm-345m-throw-powerful-torch-with-tail-switch-2-groups?VariantsId=10201

Did you say auxiliary leds? Wooo Hooo!!!

The Wurrkos site also lists the WK30 as being on clearance. Is it also being discontinued? I’m hoping it’s just being updated from Micro USB to USB C, any chance of that?

yes, it will discontinued too, will with WK40 in near future with Type-C

Yes, but one color only with the limited space

Ok, cool, thank you. The three emitters in one light is unique and I would like one, but it’s a lot easier to find USB-C chargers these days.

Picked up red 4000K WK01 and WK02. Eagerly awaiting to receive them. They seem perfect as simple flashlights. Nice body color and CCT. Incredibly the high CRI is not even advertised??
Too bad they’re being discontinued.
Keep making such great flashlights, Wurkkos!

thank you, we should have update a 95 CRI on the listing

:person_with_crown: :person_with_crown:

4 brown WK01 4000K left according to website


TS21 219C version available now with black, gray, red, color

Got my WK 01 today

great light :+1:

Than I find another toy:


Regards Xandre


I’m interested for а WKC06 Tactical. There is the review stating that the light is not compatible with a rechargeable LiIon batteries.
Does anybody know is that right?
Also, if it can operate rechargeables, is it compatible with 18350?