Clemence's Old Lumens Contest 2019 - (1. Interior selector light)

I have several things to make and plan to include some or all of them into the contest.

  1. Interior selector light
    My current client, an artistic and lamp shade maker in Bali asked me to make him a multi color light to help him find the correct CCT for his customers. He works for many luxury hotels and has to match his design according to the environment. He will use Nichia LED E series and 757 in particular. With broad CCT selection of Nichia E series, the selector light will broaden his creativity.

Last year, I found a broken flood light in my neighbor’s trash bin. I brought it back to my workshop but never had the time nor ideas what to make out of it. I don’t expect to win the contest with this built, just to keep up the spirit of OLC!

Broken super cheap flood light

Only the case, seal, and lens retainer are kept. The rest, dumped back to the trash bin.

Uneven cast aluminum case with no flat datum to machine. This going to be tiring…

Clamped it to my mini milling table. I will lap the base using soft aluminum block and #320 lapping paste to get the flattest possible with less work.




Step One achieved! You’re on a roll :laughing:

Orsm start. Nice work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eagerly awaiting steps 2,3,4…… :smiley: .

Glad you joined in :+1:


Step three (the making) has just begun…


:+1: will be following this :slight_smile:

as said.

Any progress clemence ? A variable CCT light is a very interesting idea :nerd_face: