Clip for new Thrunite T10? (I got tired of waiting for Olight i2s)

I got tired of waiting for Olight to come out with the i2s so just bought a Thrunite T10 on closeout via eBay . Totally overlooked the T10 does not come with a clip - which I consider essential. Any aftermarket clips fit it well?

I saw a post where somebody used some spring wire but I’m not sure how to find the material to make it.

FYI - eBay ad is buy-it-now and they will accept $19.95/free shipping which beats their website.

I installed clips from the Streamlight Stylus Pro on both my T10 and Saber 1A. I had to stretch each clip and position them just right, but they work perfectly for me. I scratched the anodizing a little, but it’s not a concern since I am using the lights. I also added epoxy to the clips to secure them.

The addition of the clip and a lanyard to my Saber 1A has made it one of my favorite EDC lights. I’d be happy to post a pic if you’d like.


yes, a pic would be wonderful

It’s definitely doable.

Here’s a clip from an older Terralux 2AA penlight on the Saber 1A. The T10 is the same size as Saber.

In the pic, it’s riding the flats. I later discovered that mounting it directly on the knurling and excluding any flat contact, made it rock solid.

This one is also reversible, but it fits so snug that I don’t like to remove it to prevent scratching.

Of course this depends on the sizing of the clip you choose.


There is a clip available for the L10, but I can’t say whether it will fit. For something more like the wire mod, you might also look at the screw on clip available I think IO or FF has.

Here are pics of both sides of the clip. Like Streamer mentioned, installing each edge of the clip on the knurling makes the clip solid on the light.

How do I get a clip from a Streamlight Stylus Pro?

Buy a Streamlight Stylus Pro

*even I knew that one


Optics Planet appears to have 3 in stock.

Awesome - clip for only $1.39!!! :smiley:

Shipping - $6.99 :tired:

Try contacting Streamlight customer service to see if they will sell a couple clips to you.

You can get one from Battery Junction for $3(it’s advertised as a clip for the Fenix E01, but it will fit the thrunite T10); shipping will be about $2