ClipSwitch Flashlight - Giveaway (WINNER announced)!

Oh my god!

I am not going to say anything until everyone sees the video.

Congratulations to the winner(s)!


Congrats and thanks.

And, as no other people say anything, congrats to the other winner of the black one and thanks to Clipswitch for making another one for me.

Thanks for making this possible. Wow!

Hope the flashlights manufacturers start doing this… …

Well, it has been over a week since I posted the giveaway video and hopefully everyone enjoyed the suspense. Th558 you are the winner of the black ClipSwitch Microstream USB! Thank you all for your participation!!! I will be posting new ClipSwitch lights for sale on my commercial thread soon.

Congrats Th558!

Dont forget to comment your impressions about it when testing it! (Should be the same than the blue one I guess…)

Thanks to ClipSwitch for making this possible!

I actually won something! Thanks a lot for this giveaway. Do you have any info such as what LED it uses? It’s really hard to find anything even on Streamlights website.

You did not see the video the day it was posted? You know now that you are the winner??

I can not find info of the LED…


Any update from th558 and samgalax?

Did you received your prizes??

Can you post photos of them??

Do you like them??

This thread went to a dead end….

Nope. Due to Mr. Rona causing disruptions my prize cannot be sent out yet.

MrRona? What is that? Coronavirus??

I also dont have news about my prize… ClipSwitch told me that he needed about two weeks to prepare my prize… It was about beginning of this month.

Lets hope he is OK and not suffering nothing bad due to the virus…

Hope an update from him

Hm, looks like the order of events is a bit different from what some people do.
1/ choose and prepare the prize(s).
2/ announce the GAW and the prize(s)
3/ wait for the GAW to end
4/ announce the winner(s), and prepare the parcel(s)
5/ wait for him/her to come forward and get their name and address
6/ put a label with the name of the winner(s) on the parcel(s)
7/ send the parcel(s)

There is one reason I can think of to change that order of events.
On one hand you have a winner who expects his/her price within a few days.
On the other hand there is a customer who wants and pays it NOW. That has happened to me.
Someone entered a shop and took off with the light that was earmarked to be sent to me.

yh he said he’ll send it as soon as the coronavirus thing settles down.

Could you explain that? You won a GAW and your prize was sold/sent to a person who paid for it??

Sorry for not being clear, that might be the case here with the Clipswitch light.
The only way I see it is that you can’t send a light because you haven’t got it (anymore).

The light I referred to myself was for sale, and ordered and payed for by me on the other forum. Within a day the seller contacted me and said he could no longer send it (last of a batch). Because he had sold it to someone who entered his shop, saw the light and bought it.
BTW no hard feelings, the seller is a guy I respect very much.

Understood your explanation. Thanks!

Hey all, sorry about the silence on my end. I’ve been sick with possible bronchitis or coronavirus and was ordered by a doctor to stay home. Getting better now but Washington State is on a shelter at home order. I will get the lights to the winners as soon as things open back up and there is no risk of getting questioned/reprimanded by police for being out in public for non essential errands.

Oh my god! We were thinking you got very ill with the coronavirus!

Hope it is not coronavirus!

Stay calm at home and hope you fully recover soon!

Thanks for the update

Finally received it :laughing: The clipswitch feature works as it should. When the clip is disconnected/reconnected the modes don’t change which is nice. There’s a little bit of tint shift in the beam but it’s not noticeable in normal use like with some of the crees. The button itself needs to be pressed quite hard for a full click so I don’t think it’ll be easy to accidentally active. Momentary can be activated with less pressure though and the clipswitch prevents that from happening. Also has micro USB charging and a custom battery I think. Not sure how I will replace it when it fails. Overall it’s a good light. I’ll EDC it along side an LEP when I get one. Once again thanks for the giveaway!

Me too.

I am doing the review of it here

Still in progress… I have to take photos… upload them… etc

Thanks a lot to ClipSwitch!!!