CLONE tk35 ( found, done deal)

i need a tk35 clone within this week anyone has one for sale? let me know thanks

edit: already found one, thanks Kenny

i’ll take trade in… what you got?

i got cash lol

lol…that works too i guess…you need it by this week?? i dont think i can send it that fast… i’m on the east coast

Not a clone, but the real deal...

Amazon - $110

If you order within 16 hours of this post, you can use Saturday delivery to get it...Saturday. Saturday delivery will cost $9 for Prime members.

I'm somewhat local to you, but I don't have a tk35 clone or anything similar to the tk35.

i send you a couple pm bro

thanks man, i live in Orange County, i need one for a friend’s bday. i dont’ want to pay too much since he just got into flashlight.

Ha, that spam almost fit this context. :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha that was funny. i wish blf has a “like” button