Closed: 3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest

Go for it Henry. Just make the pieces fit snug, then D&T them and screw them together to secure. This is a make the coolest light contest, not the most user friendly lost in the woods light contest. Regardless, I’d have a screwdriver with me in the woods. Hell, there is nothing going to be user friendly with my light.

The way I’m reading the rules I don’t actually have to own the machines I use in the build, just be the one to program and operate them while they’re running my parts. A whole universe opens up for me if that’s right, I have A LOT of machines open to me at work and the local community college.

You are interpreting the rules correctly. Go for it! :)


It’s on like Donkey Kong.

Oh hell, I'm in for the Hand-Made Category.

oh man this is going to be exciting…

Especially since you are entering too, right?

All right!! Thanks a ton to _the_ for helping organize this. Best wishes to all the participants. Have fun!


OL i will be participating in some ways. :smiley:

Yes, thank you again for running this _the_.

Have another question. Please don't take my questions as attempts to get the rules bent. I will comply with what ever your rulings are. Not pushing for yes' to my questions. Just need an answer so I can plan accordingly.

Are screws allowed for Hand Made?

EDIT: Store bought screws, that is.

Nut screws washers and bolts? Yes, that's definitely allowed in this weird contest.

In for the Hand Made category :beer:

Some of us less intelligent people still do it that way.

And some of us even less intelligent people bought a lathe without working feed gears. Threading isn’t possible with my lathe except with taps and dies.

Fortunately as I found out, I’m not limited to using my lathe.

Are CNC lasers and benders frowned upon? If I used them I’d do all the programming and operating, and it’s in a machine shop, so it fits in your description of acceptable tools. No pressure, just checking.

my Scratch Build category build topic has begun: 3rd Annual BLF Contest - DBSAR's "End Of The World Light" -UPDATES-5 /09/09/2015

In Machine Made almost anything goes, so they are allowed.

Interesting, a machine such as a drill press is listed and then limited in the way it’s used? Due to whether or not it’s “labor intensive”?

I’ve used a table saw to cut off bar stock, even to reduce the diameter of bar stock by manually turning the part in order to get a shank that would fit in the drill press. Then I’ve used the drill press to spin the bar stock and manually manipulated the table to use a broken planer blade in a drill press vise as a cutting tool to turn the bar stock down and shape it, much like a lathe but in a very primitive manner. So would this type of usage be prohibited? Obviously, I can’t cut threads that way.

Get ahead of the work with the table and it can pop the chuck off the 25 yr old benchtop drill press from Harbor Freight, sending the part/chuck flying onto a concrete floor and making one scramble to keep toes clear. :slight_smile: (ill fitting press fit taper chuck)

Recently made a .500 S&W MagLight with this technique, turning a 1/2” Titanium bar into a hollowpoint bullet for the reflector and pill housing, using brass threads cut off a plumbing fitting to screw this light engine into the .500 Mag brass. Would doing something like this be ok?

Made this 431 lumen XP-L V6 3D light for rdrfronty as a token of appreciation for making my Dad’s day with a gifted live .500 S&W round that he showed off to all his domino buddies. Even made an elephant skin sheath for it to keep dust/pocket lint out of the hollowpoint/reflector. :slight_smile:

The actual primer is used to engage the omten clicky inside. Boring out the tapered walls of the brass was fun! The drill press method was used to inset the base of the ti bullet so the light engine would fit inside with the 10mm sinkpad and XP-L. Proxxon rotary to cut the hollowpoint.

(Just wanted y’all to know I’m still doing bullet lights. lol)

So, can the drill press be used in this way?

Don’t know if I’ll enter, trying to give some people some ideas :wink:

Link to a phenomenal waste of time I mean, prize light build thread.


Damn, that bullet light is very sweet.

You asked:

"Interesting, a machine such as a drill press is listed and then limited in the way it’s used? Due to whether or not it’s “labor intensive”?"

I wanted to ask something along that line too, but this statement stopped me short of asking:

"Let's try to be keep this event FUN and the rules loose and flexible enough. Judges will lower the score if they think that a contestant is bending the rules too much."

I second your question. At this point, I don't care if I am looked at as bending the rules by asking questions. I'm all for fun, but mysterious rules take a lot of the fun out for me.

Being told you can use a tool is clear. Being told you can use in in certain ways (with no clear guidelines) is not. I've spent a good amount of my planning time the last couple days trying to think of how to do things that will be considered acceptable to how I think the judges will be thinking.

As far as keeping the rules loose and flexible, that is totally in the control of the rule maker, not the competitor.

I think it’s important to keep in mind the distinction between hand made and machine made. Using a bench tool with guides to cut a part vs using the same tool to shape a part. There will always be grey areas and if you chose to go there then just be sure the results justify the risks. It’s supposed to be fun so worrying about winning or loosing points because of methods is contraindicated. Just do it, don’t let the rules stifle your imagination. In the hand made category it’s all about doing the most with the least and sharing creative ways to get it done.