closed Foursevens MMU-X3



Illumination Supply

Probably best bet is contacting Vinh and seeing if he has any stock or even modded ones left over. Iirc they werent that much more then stock, if not even cheaper than stock

Still feel bad that I couldn’t sell the SL3 but its just too nice of a package. Youll love yours if it hasnt arrived yet and if it has, then you know what I mean

Oh you wanted a Vinh MM-U-X3vn? Got 3 of them. Bad to the Bone they are!!

still looking

im interested in that light as well but brand new, it seems all the stores offer them for 99 dollars now. Is there a special sale anywhere?

Use the ‘illumination’ coupon code at Illumination Supply for 15% off.

thanks, i knew it already but someone wrote those MMU-X3s were sold under 70 dollar in some shops. Maybe i have to wait for a black friday sale or something like that. It seems foursevens is pretty stable in prices

The $70 price with free shipping was from illumn during one of their sales fwiw…

Someone is selling a X3vn for like $130