Closed: Group Buy for 20mm x 2mm ZWB2 UV Pass Filter

Karen from Gearbest has found a source for the 20mm x 2mm ZWB2 UV Pass Filter. She asked me to start this group buy. I have no MOQ or price yet.

This filter will come in handy for those who have purchased a Convoy S2+ UV or has built their own UV flashlight.

Here is the Jaxman U1 with a similar one installed.

Here is a review of a ZWB2 filter done by djozz
2mm ZWB2 filter tested (visible light blocking filter suitable for 365nm UV flashlights)


Maybe in, depending on price. I know Simon is reportedly going to sell one as well, so I’d probably go with whoever has cheaper.



It would be nice if djozz could receive a sample for comparison/testing first. If he is willing to do so.

I’m definitely interested in getting one or two of these. Depends entirely on the price though…

Gearbest? Not my first choice (no personal experience, but I read the threads), the price should better be low.

A couple filter for me if the price is right.

Simon seems to have discontinued the S2+ with Nichia UV, does it mean that he will now offer the standard UV S2+ with ZWB2?

I gave this link to Karen a while back. She has since found another supplier. The more people that get on board, the better the price we should see.

ZWB2 光学玻璃 滤光片 紫外线透过玻璃 紫外滤光片 20*2mm ¥ 25.00 ( 约USD 3.91?)

The last I talked to Simon, I thought he was going to carry these, but a lot gets lost in translation. On top of that, Simon is taking care of his daughter full time and trying to run his business. He’s done a lot this year. Three new colored S2+, shorty tubes, the L2 and two new UV lights. There is only so such the man can do, but I’m impressed by what he’s accomplished this year.

I think he’s out of stock right now. For all we know, maybe Gearbest and Banggood placed a order and cleared out his stock.

The UV lights are a niche thing. I wouldn’t expect him to have a large stock of those like he would have with his other lights.

I was looking into getting a some filters after I found out that Simon was selling the Convoy UV lights. I contacted Hoya and this is the quote that I received…

$3.91 sounds a lot better.

I’m interested. Depends on price.

Well, I think that $5 would be a good price. I’d be in at that price.

Why did I thought that UV filter is for white led, to let through UV light and block everything else!!!

I’m interested as well depending on price. Wouldn’t this thread be a better fit for the User Negotiated Deals section?

If the filter is sold as ZWB2, I would think another test should not be neccessary. For other types of filters a transmission spectrum will tell the tale.


Well, it would work that way for a white LED. :wink:

But it is intended for a UV emitter.

But why you need UV filter for UV led?
Except if UV led is not that good and provides wide range of wave band than what is considered “true” UV :Sp

Egg-zactly! We need to filter out that annoying visible light! I’ve wanted to do this for ages, but the only option, other than an expensive custom-fit filter was found on a page suggesting that I buy and break open an incandescent blacklight bulb and tape the broken glass over the light. :Sp

It appears inherent of 365nm led design that apart from the peak around 365nm there is a low intensity broad band of visible light (400nm leds do not have that, and I am testing an LG 385nm led at the moment and it also does not seem to have the problem). Only Nichia found a way to minimise this (but it is not completely absent).

So the visible light problem is not restricted to cheap leds (the expensive Ledengin 365nm led also puts out the whitish light), and a uv-pass filter just fixes it very effectively.