CLOSED! Group Buy: Starry Light SA-22 BLF Edition (NW emitter, better modes, faster PWM, BLF logo)

GB started, see OP for more info. :)

Tracking adds $2.00 per light?

Good point. You can work around this by adding one with tracking to cart, and then add others without.

Ordered. Skipped the tracking number, but I was a little confused by the shipping options - the item says Free Shipping and all the different charges were $0.00. I chose the UPS option, but it sounds like they’re all being shipped by “Singapore Post” regardless of which box you ticked - is that correct?

I suppose so, but I'll ask Ric to confirm..

before I commit, what was the high lumen output again please?

thank you!



No biggie, I just want to make sure that we’re not supposed to choose one particular method in order to get the free shipping. It didn’t change anything on the order total and my PayPal went through, I just want to be sure there’s not going to be any kind of holdup and/or extra charges showing up.

Ordered! With tracking option….thanks for the group buy!

Ordered one with tracking number and personal logo.
As a logo I want a name and I’ve added this to the comment section. I didn’t see any other option to include a logo so I hope this is what I needed to do.

Just placed the order. Thank you again for organizing! :slight_smile:
I’m really looking forward to getting the light. :slight_smile:

Cool! Ordered one.

Just ordered my first AA light, thanks for making it possible :slight_smile:


one xml2-3c, tracking, BLF logo.

592L OTF Lumens for sure and I believe it was after 30 second sag.

time to check my wallet about this :wink:

Great :D!

Though I wish 4C tint was offered as well, I mean, if CW can be done, why not 4C :D!

Purchased THANKS !!¡¡

That would have been my preference too, but they were not able to source those. :(

Luckily L2 3C is usually slightly warmer and less green than L 3C => I bet I'll be happy with that. :)

yeh, 4C is what would have really done it for me...oh well. settled for 3C