CLOSED! Group Buy: Starry Light SA-22 BLF Edition (NW emitter, better modes, faster PWM, BLF logo)

Hi everyone,

We have been working hard with Ric from CNQG (and Helen from Blackshadow) to provide you with a BLF Edition of the Starry Light SA-22: A non-expensive, bright 4xAA light.

SA-22 has it's flaws, but we decided to make it better. Manufacturer is currently making the first sample according to our specs, and I'd like to announce the GB already now. The sample will be tested & reviewed before the GB starts. Disclaimer: If anything goes wrong, this GB might be delayed or canceled.

- Minimum number of lights to make this GB happen: 50pcs
- 4 modes, LL-L-M-H (0.2%, 2%, 25%, 100%), with memory, no blinky modes!
- Fast >2kHz PWM, making the lower modes usable
- Longer runtimes due the better mode selection
- Neutral white XM-L2 T6 emitter (3C or 4C, to be checked from Blackshadow)
- Holster included
- BLF logo for free, other logos possible (add $2)
- Price $23 each, free shipping (add $2 for tracking number)

Would anyone be interested in this?


Lights are now in production, GB starts! Estimated manufacturing time is about one week.

Purchase link here:

Note: The light is sold only to BLF members until the GB ends. Please include your BLF user name to the message field on checkout (Other info / Order postscript).

Both NW (XM-L2 T6 3C, up to 200pcs) and CW (XM-L2 U2 1A, up to 100pcs) are available.

GB lasts until March 15th. The remaining ones (if any) after the GB will be sold for about $30 "for anyone interested", meaning also non-BLF members.

Update 2014/03/24: GB closed, some lights still available for $23/24 + shipping.

I’m on the fence.

I'm in , if the head - body tube fitment issue can be resolved ..

Many times I have wanted to help someone get a quality light but did not want to burden them with lithium-ion batteries and chargers . Some people are better off with plain old off-the-shelf alkalines .

Thanks for all of your efforts , _the_ .

Would NO memory be a better choice, given the alkalines and the potential of giving these to non-flashlight people?

IMHO, no. We thought about this and decided to go with memory. No memory with low low is good for a small keychain light, but this will be used on low or med most of the time => working (<2s off) memory is the way to go.

YES 1 for me.

I am in for one for sure! :slight_smile:

count me in for 1 sir.

In for at least 2!

I’m with this.

You may be breaking Bort’s light fast, can you do a automatic turbo stepdown option (maybe a solderable star) to prevent overheating for non flashaholics, or a thermal sensor with automated power reduction?

Some questions, can the LED be replaced (sinkpad/noctigon) by me or be purchasable with it?
Will it have a linear or buck driver?
Will the body be plastic or metal?
Will it have polarity protection?

I would be in for 1

I am interested. Tentative Yes.


i’d probably be in for 2

Interested if it passes the proper testing for issues others have been having with them.i.e. head fitment of threads.

I'd be in for .. 5 pieces. If the reviews show that the thread issue has been resolved.

Count me in for 1

I'm in for 1

I’n in for 1 as long as thread issue fixed and review is acceptable.