CLOSED Modified PALIGHT GS2600 Giveaway! Courtesy of GearBest THE WINNER IS #56

THE WINNER IS #56 jdunlap27284

I want to thank GearBest for sending me the light free of charge. There's no other way I could be giving it away.

Palight GS2600 thread.

This giveaway is for all members of BLF who have become a member On or Before April 1st. 2016.

You must post in this thread and your post# will be your lucky number for the drawing. I use for the drawings.

One winner will get this Palight GS2600, that has been modified to use an XHP70 Cree led.

Post ONE TIME ONLY PLEASE. I can post as many darned times as I wish. Perk to being the giver.

If you must post anything besides text, please make it a "cute" photo of a cat. Cute meaning none that are staged where the animal could have been harmed in any way, to make the photo.

Posting a cute cat photo will Not help you one Damned bit, but it might make me smile and I could use some smiles.

The giveaway will end sometime during the 24 hour period known as May 6th 2016.

That is my birthday, so I am celebrating by giving a light away.

Please DO NOT say happy birthday! If you do, your post number will not be counted in the drawing! (just joking....... sorta).

I have stopped having birthdays effective this year. I am now timeless, LOL.

Enjoy the giveaway and good luck, you're gonna need it!


Unlucky Number

Unlucky Number

Unlucky Number

i am in for the giveaway… thanks OL

Please count me in… thanks

Wow, all that work you put into that and now you’re giving it away…how generous of you! Well, happy birthday to me if I win :sunglasses:

Very nice beamshot…thanks for the give-away!

ME ME… PICK ME!! :slight_smile:

I’d like to jump into this one also. Thanks.

Thanks! That’s bright

I’M IN ! , and have a good day on May 6th.

My Birthday is May 8th. :partying_face:

Happy Birthday Justin!

Please count me in. Thanks for offering the prize :slight_smile:


How modified is the output?

Count me IN. Thank You OL!!

I’m in.

Thanks for the opportunity

I’m in, thanks OL and GB

Thanks for doing the giveaway!!