Closed - Winners listed in Post #1 Christmas Giveaway - Four 502B flashlights


Four 502B hosts with de-domed, (sliced off, not gasoline), XM-L leds on Copper stars, Qlite 3 amp drivers, SMO reflectors and a copper mod for heat transfer. Modes are L/M/H

They each also come with an 18650 Enova IMR battery.

I want to thank RMM for helping with this giveaway. Not only did he cut me a break for the lights/drivers/drop-ins, he also is donating the batteries for free! If not for him, I probably wouldn't be doing the giveaway.

Anyone who is a member of BLF since on or before 12/10/2014 can enter the giveaway. Your post# is your lucky number. One entry per member.

I will draw four winners on 12/18/2014, sometime during that 24 hour period. I use for the drawings.

Good luck

#6 labrat

#97 teachtom

#38 Joat

#130 pommie

I will PM you with the details.

I’m entering.

I ordered one of these during the AliExpress 11.11 sale. I think the odds of winning one of these is better than the one I bought showing up in my mailbox. :smiley:

Please enter me!

I’m in, thanks O-L and RMM!

OL, you are one of the big reasons I come to BLF. You are always sharing your knowledge and your generosity is unsurpassed. Thanks for including me on this.

Thank you both (Justin & Richard) for this giveaway!

Thanks OL and RMM! Count me in! Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

I’ll have a go at it, Thanks

Thanks OL, count me in.


Count me in for this great giveaway.

Thanks Justin and RMM.

RMM the RMMan! Come get some! :P

Count me in.


I’m in too…and big thank’s for all kindness and generosity of you

thank you once again!

In, thanks O-L and RMM.

O-L and RMM, thanks for the giveaway. Please count me in too.

I’m in. Thank you!