**CLOSED** WTB: Original BLF SE X6 in great condition

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your offers and discussion. I’ve purchased a light.

Yes I know I can buy the EagleEye version. That’s not what I want. I missed the original BLF X6, wasn’t even around here then I don’t think, and I want one. I’m on the waitlist for the ss/cu v2 of this light and really want its ancestor for it to hang out with when it arrives. Prefer a nw “shelf queen” but would consider a light with minor use marks. Hit me with a price!

Are you looking for stock or modded?

I’d really like a stock light, I think. I can mod my own if I choose. I was kinda hoping someone had an original nw BLF SE X6, just like EE built them, still in the original box and everything. Basically what I would have received had I been around here back then.

That is, as long as there’s no glaring deficiencies in those lights that most people correct. I don’t really know much about them I’m afraid.

But if you’ve got a good modded light you’d like to sell I would consider it, as long as the host itself is still in good shape and not all beat up.

Some people didn’t like the driver much, but for the most part it was a great light.

The one I have is in perfect shape, but it has a lot of expensive parts in it. I’m sure someone will drop by that has a stock model in good shape.

Just out of curiosity, could you tell me about your perfect, but expensively modded, X6? Who knows, maybe I do want a modded light… :slight_smile:

That is, if you’re even willing to part with it at all. I understand if not, and I appreciate your time regardless.

Like Pilotdog said, not many people like the stock driver (IMO it was because of the mode spacing). If you can’t find an unmodded BLF X6, I have a stock driver and a box that I don’t mind getting rid of.

Now that I think about it, I may have an extra, unmodded X6 at my house. Let me double check and get back to you later this week (currently on the road for work).

I have been thinking about selling it for awhile. It is a triple XP-L 3D with a fet driver and a large copper heatsink. If I were to sell, it would probably be upwards of $80+

Sounds awesome. Definitely more than I planned to spend on this light, but not out of the realm of possibility. S08 Fet? Or one of the new S08+7135 deals?

I, like you, missed it no the first go around. I did find one with the 3C emitter. The modes are not spaced well, but I have left it stock and it is a house light. I did buy one of the EE X6’s recently to mod and it will get a fet+1 with the A6 firmware. This light has a very smooth hot spot and just the right amount of spill. Oh, and the threads on them are buttery smooth. Not much to dislike about that host.


So are you offering to sell me your house light, or are you just rubbing it in a bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

It has a FET+1

Mmm, I knew you were going to say that… Does it have TKs A6 firmware flashed on it, or what’s the UI like?

That’s funny I actually have exactly what you’re looking for. I originally bought 3 NW BLF SE X6 with the intention of gifting a couple away. The lights weren’t quite what I hoped for so I didn’t end up gifting them.

I kept telling myself to sell one off but I was to lazy so I have one “shelf queen” that has only been turned on once to ensure that it works.

In the interest of full disclosure, the BLF SE X6 is a great light with two small negatives:

1) You need high amp batteries to crank up the output. Works fine on regular ICR batteries but you wont see insane output.

2) The tint from all of my neutral white lights seems to be a little greenish.

Otherwise the fit and finish on the lights are flawless. As countless others have said elsewhere on this site, the size and shape of the X6 is awesome. Provides very usable throw and spill while being small enough to fit into pants pockets easily (unless you wear tight hipster pants but if that’s the case no throwy light will fit there!).

PM me if you’re interested.

Not rubbing it in and not selling ever. Stating that is a very wise choice and they are out there. Pdog, fet+1 with TK’S A6 firmware. Hope to build it this weekend… lighted tailcap btw.


I’m just messing with you a bit Matt. Thanks for your input, your build sounds like it’ll be awesome. :slight_smile:

It has a 3mode L>H driver, you can toggle moon on/off (so 3/4 mode) and memory on/off.

If you are really interested in it you can PM me, but buying a stock one is a great option too. Modding is more fun when you do it yourself. :wink:

emarkd PM sent .

Thanks everyone for your offers and discussion. I bought a light and am no longer in the market.

Way to go. You're on your way now..

Lights are like rabbits.....