Hopefully they can include the battery when shipped to the us.

Anyone know if there is an option for deeper carry clip that fits the light?

Lumintop Tool AA deep carry clip?

I had finally made the decision …
I was going to pay them the $8 they asked me for “free shipping” but…

Seeing this…

I have a question: Will they include the battery if I pay them the asked $8 for “free shipping·?
Therefore, I will wait to see what happens as some more packages arrive at their destination…

For now: Frozen funds.

PS. What happened with Lumintop ? Some problems arose and it has not appeared more …


Anyone in the US received theirs yet?
If so, did it have the battery inside and how long did it take to get to the US from CN?
I’ve never ordered from Lumintop before so I’m curious.

I’ve seen people using a Streamlight clip. I will use the one from Olight M1T Raider.
This thread also has other “options”: Lumintop Tool AA - Quickie

And this one, from X3 :

same questions here….

Yes, mine came with a battery wrapped in plastic inside the tube.
2.5wks travel time.

+1, wish this was an option with all lights.

shows “0 available” for all colors and won’t let me order…guess they’re sold out :frowning:

they are coming back in stock at the end of this month? What does EOL stand for?

Are they shipping with the battery, to USA?

thank you….

I’ve seen those and don’t care for them, the streamlight clips just seems like it would scratch the hell out of the light. Don’t want that.

Tracking says mine should be delivered tomorrow!!

Just got mine tonight and assembled it, I love it!

How long did it take to get to the east coast?

did it come with a cell? thanks.

Mine came with a cell.
Whether they will continue to ship with cell in the future is anyone’s guess.

This is such a killer deal because you are getting 2 complete LED/pill/driver assemblies as well as the neat tools.
Going to get together with my oldest Grandson and assemble it with him so he can learn what makes a modern LED flashlight tick.

Also have a Briggs & Stratton 5hp mini bike engine that we are going to dis assemble and rebuild.
Kid’s need to learn what makes an engine go so they can have more info when the car makes a strange noise.
Yeah, I know Tesla, blah blah :slight_smile:

Thanks McLight for posting about this light.
Had to add a 2 to get the code to work.
It’s a My First Flashlight Moders Edition .
Not sure how deep I’ll go.
My first Lumintop.

Mine landed today. Per tracking it arrived in the US on the 13th, so waiting an additional 10 days from that point was a little annoying, but not Lumintop’s fault.

Look forward to assembling it later with my kids. :+1:

Received mine yesterday and me and my youngest(11) daughter put it together this morning. She loved it so much I just ordered another for her birthday in February.

Everytime I have checked on the link in the first post there is Zero of any color in stock. How are you ordering, I must be missing something.