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At last a torch components store in the UK.
All the best with your new venture.

Thanks everyone for the support!
Hopefully I will become the ‘go to’ store for components and other products, mainly for the guys in the UK/EU to cut the 2/4 week shipping time from China/USA, to a couple of days (UK) or 4/5 days (EU) while keeping similar prices!

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New in stock:
XPG2 S4 2B
XPG2 S3 3D
XML2 U4 1C

New in stock
14mm DTP Tpad
U4 1A
Copper S2+ triple pills

James, I wish you all the very best for your new store. It will really helps the locals to get their desired items quickly :exmark:

Thanks for the info.

I wish you well in your new endeavor!

Great prices on Convoy hosts
in stock Monday!

Very interesting and good prices for PCB and some leds, good luck


Convoy S2+ Host
Convoy S2+ 18350 Host
Convoy C8 Host
Convoy X3 Host

omten 1288 switch
S2+ magnets
Pocket clips
XML2 T6 3B
XML2 T6 4C
XPG2 R5 4C

Maxtoch 26mm XML
Maxtoch 26mm XPG
Maxtoch 31.5mm XML
XHP50 J4 3C, J4 1C
XHP70 N4 3C, M2 1A

Remember code BLF5 for 5% off!


Beginners DIY Kit

All the parts you need to build your own flashlight, perfect for beginners!

All you need is a soldering iron!

the let it do for yourself version :stuck_out_tongue:

nice idea !

Thought it would be a good idea for the beginners who want to get into modding! Having a ‘kit’ with all the parts without having to worry about if they forgot something

I know it would of helped me when i first started out

We will see if it works out!

You may want to add “reflow emitter” to your description

Thanks, forgot about that

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Fenix E35 with emitter swap to XPG2 for sale on my specials page!

Ha, I will have to send back the Host i bought off you… I’m hopeless at soldering :frowning: Gonna have to ask you to help me solder the components for me :wink: I’ll contact you some day heh