Clulite Pl2

Edc ’d this light for a few months now and just thought I’d share it. The Clulite Pl2 from clusons engineering UK is a fantastic little budget light, its made from aluminium and anodized in black, its very good quality with o-rings and a pocket clip. The cree XP-e emitter puts out around 90-100 lumens and has beam distance of 100 meters which is great for such a tiny 1xaaa light. This light is great for edc and for £7 it would be rude not to have one. Check it out see what you think.

it is a cute light

It’s beautifull!!! :heart_eyes:

A UK flashlight manufacturer?


Looks good too. Could do with an xpg2 s4 2b in there… Is it moddable?

Yes thery are great quality UK manufacture they are local to me, I’d say the light was moddable it has a aa bg brother too.

Can it handle a 14500?

A 14500 would be to big I could try a 10440 but the lense and reflector are plastic, as there only £7 I might give it a go.

New emitter, ar glass lens… It would be nice.

From the cluson website, it seems to be single mode?

Can you get the pill out to change the driver?

Yes the pill is threaded and unscrews…

What did you do to scratch the anodising so badly?

It gets a lot of abuse chucked in and out of a work bag and dropped once or twice….