CMG/Gerber Infinity

Looking for original lug body CMG’s or Gerber Infinity lights. Really interested in red/amber units as I lost my red one.

Wow, those are pretty old. I got the original one back when they were new, but it only worked for a day before it broke. I didn’t find out how to fix it until like 15 years later, and by then it was too obsolete to be useful.

FWIW, the fix involves tapping the head with a flat screwdriver, to bend it inward again just enough to make contact with the driver. The originals had a really weak ground contact and that was the easiest way to make it work better.

In more modern times, I think the most recent equivalent is the Sofirn C01.

On a totally different note, how did nearly seven years pass between joining the forum and making a first post?

I didn’t realize I didn’t have any post. I know I have pm’ed or emailed members with BST deals.

I know there are newer options but figured someone has one bouncing in their parts bin

That is Gold Medal lurking right there. :slight_smile: