CNQ Bullit mod

Hi all, thought I’d share my mod.

Nichia 219a from KD on 14m alu mpcb ,4* amc350 3 mode driver(1.4amp), some pennies and copper tubing.

On high things get too hot to hold after 2 minutes without the copper clip, I get 5 minutes with the clip till it’s too hot to hold.

Nice, you turned it into a little "sun drop" style light! I guess removing the reflector would give a lot more space inside for more copper. Nice job.

I like the lanyard attachment too. Looks familiar. ;)

Thanks, it’s my first all flood light too, I really like it.

Totally steampunk look!

Love it!

Looking great! Very well done!

Cool concept, you made something analogous to a heat pipe. Maybe a heat wick? At any rate, nicely done.

Thanks, yes the clip works well as a heat sink, if I lay the light on a piece of metal, it can run on high for 20 minutes without getting too hot.

Copper clips for everyone! :party:

Nice mod spoggles.