CNQG down two days now, temporary?

Haven’t been able to log on for a few days, at first thought it was just a mobile problem, but on my home PC same issues.
Any specific item pages give a URL not found message and the main home page gives an “apache 2 test page” and the CNQG website appears to be gone.

Anyone have anything to add? Is this being discussed already?

FancyFlashlights is still up. I don't know whats going on. The Chinese did have some sort of holiday which I don't know if its still on.

FancyFlashlights is up for you??
I haven’t seen FancyFlashlights work for months. Since they were redirecting people to CNQG due to “FancyFlashlights being down for maintenance”. Always get Bad Request (Invalid Hostname).

Doh! works fine.

FF has been up for a couple of weeks now. It appears that it still is a work in progress with stock though.

I noticed the stock sucks. Nothing I’m interested in is there.

CNQG being down was mentioned earlier (a few days ago) in a thread but I cant remember which. I was considering the weekly special on a BlackShadow JM20 for under $30.

Dragon Boat Festival was the holiday the Chinese have been enjoying this weekend.

those pants again……

Hmm… Ordered some stuff from CNQ couple days ago, this doesn’t help in feeling confident about it…

Saw that fancy flashlights is up but I need to acces my order history on CNQG. Still having issues with an order placed with the group buy on the starry light 4xaa xml lights. Like 2 months at least.

I can see different message:

whats fancy flashlights like, ive never ordered from them before

“Tanks for understanding”

…but i do not understand it… :* :tired:

This is the other shop of Ric (the owner of CNQ). I think it has only 60% of the products, which are offered from CNQ.

A longer time ago, CNQ has a bigger disadvantage for people who wants to order fast or wants to know the total price directly (you put products in the cart and 1 day later you get the shipping cost information and could buy or not).
Fancyflashlight has total prices. If you want only one Fancyflashlight was the better solution. If you need more products and you could wait 24hours CNQ was cheaper (combined shipping).
One advantage of fancyflashlight: If you buy a lot, you get a special vip account. If your total life order value (not of one order, all orders you ever have made in the shop) is over $200 you save 5%, bigger as $500 10%. This will not wor on group buy prices.

Now the shipping costs are also available on CNQ.

I meant are they quick delivery and are they to be trusted
Things like that

You are looking at the wrong website. < right
vs < wrong

Site is back online but its some other weird site now, selling dresses and no torches under the listings.

Hmm this might explain why I haven’t got a response on my emails.
With the starrylight groupbuy I ordered a custom logo and received a misprint on my host. He promised me to send a new host which would ship out 21st of april.
Stil haven’t received it.

I contacted him 30th of april to ask if it was already shipped out because I did not get a shipping notification
I contacted him the 26th of may to ask if it was already shipped because I still didn’t receive the new body, since it was now 5 weeks and the original shipment took only 3 weeks. I tend to get packages from china in 1-3 weeks most of the time.
Last monday, the 2nd of june I contacted him by PM here on BLF. To ask if he received my emails, and to ask about the order status since it was now 6 weeks. Until now no response on any of my messages.

I know Ric has a high reputation so didn’t really worry that much, but seeing all this really makes me wonder.

it is obvious that the website was hacked. This is not official lightinthebox website. Looks like a phishing web.

CNQG also has aliexpress store.

You can try contacting Ric there with message or live chat.

Try this:

LED Flashlights