CNqualitygoods DQG II AA smallest EDC I have ever seen

Drop test :
(I like how China's chinese do their tests)

Its a XP-G R4 but i am not sure if its neutral white....there is another XP-G R5 version which is 2 dollars cheaper. So may well be it. Perhaps Ric-CN can comment.

57mm x 12.6mm, what the.... Cool

Too bad cannot take 10440, but with the absence of good LiCo for that size and also due to ultra small size (overheating), AA NiMH 800mAH should be decent. You are not planning to gun it at 1.5A, are you?

Are there any smaller lights from 4Sevens, Sunwayledman etc? Its 10mm shorter than the Fenix E0 and 12X brighter. Even smaller than the iTP A1 EOS.

Fundamentally anything with a clicky adds 10mm
And for a twisty, this is smaller than most!
I havent really looked hard but this one does appear quite small. And its ss too. It must come down to fractions of a mm in every component, because the itp / maratacs are already pretty efficient in their design for length.

This light is much smaller than the ITP A3, here is a photo comparing them:

It is the DQG II in the center.

Hmm.. Group buy anyone?

Very, very amusing vid indeed! I enjoyed the comments of the midget advanced flashaholic engineer in the video (aka: theoretical photon dispersant efficiency specialist). Im still trying to comprehend the advanced equations he's written on the wall during the live firing test, although its quite obvious that he knows exactly what he's doing (commanding the larger, less intelligent flashaholic to drop the light out of a pyrex cooking dish and onto the floor to simulate a high impact destructive environment). Who else would have been smart enough to think of such a thing? Those two guys remind me of Batman and Robin; just a fantastic team that can conquer any lighting challenges thrown at them. Do they also work on cars and airplanes? If so, I need to hire them! Seriously though, a very cute video and very cool of dad to let his son in on the fun. Watch out for the little guy... he'll be teaching Match a mod or two before he's 6.

Oh... and the light looks pretty good too!

The ITP is a very well made, inexpensive little flame thrower on 10440's. If palmed properly to dissipate heat, it can be kept on in high mode for over a minute. Not that Im recommending or condoning this type of usage but Ive pulled it off many times... so far. There is always the chance that little sucker might suddenly turn itself into potent little shrapnel bomb, but none have yet been reported that I am aware of in that particular model while using LICO's.

Even brighter (with nearly 2x the throw) and far less expensive, is the Tank 007 TK-703. Its AAA NiMH & 10440 LICO friendly and also comes equipped with a XRE instead of the ITP's XPE. IMO, XPG's dont seem to do nearly as well in very small reflectored lights and are extremely hampered in their perceived lumen output when driven at the lower levels of the XRE/XPE in these tiny hosts. I'll leave the XPG lights for AA/14500 and larger reflectored hosts where the increased lumen potential can be more appreciated.

Its amazingly significantly smaller than the a3!!
These are your torches? That one on the right must feel just so nice in the hand, perfect knurling
Im sctually looking for xpg mini torches for the output efficiency and the floodier beam, love floodier besms in pocjet torches ( something i thought i would bever say)

I also like floodier beam on my mini lights. Too bad I sold Tank 703 and older iTP A3 away. + LD01. I have one Tank 2x AAA which has I believe P4, very large spill, very nice.

I´m now considering a DQG II Tiny BUT, could it be too small to be used with ease by one hand?

From iTP versus LD01 I learned, that even though my Fenix had terrible ringy beam, it was bigger, dimmer, I still used it more than iTP. It was easier to operate...

Preon ReVo, iTP A3 new (High PWM!!!) version, DQG Tiny II and Fenix E05 have been on my mind.

DQG would be deliciously small ;)

the prev model was easy one handed so this should be easier.

Im going to use AA NiMH only, no 10440s.

Currently im eyeing

  • Preon Revo SS
  • + SS and nicely built
  • + has strobe, sos and Beacon (yay) but importantly its nicely hidden
  • ~ $57 + 20% off for 4th july = $45 shipped intl.
  • - Is Cool tint and not really changable
  • ITP A3 - XP-G SS
  • + Its SS
  • + UI is L-M-H non memory?? I like that in my maratac AA
  • ~ $30 from GG = $40-45 shipped for me.
  • ~ Has nub for keychain - Im probably going to machine this off...
  • ~ Doesn't have the beacon mode (for funs)
  • - Its also cool white
  • - Possible PWM issue?
  • + Its SS
  • + Its small
  • + Has neutral tint option
  • + Option for tail GITD or Magnet (still cant decide, magnet is weaker.)
  • + If the low is 2-3 lumens, thats Really nice.
  • ~ Its $37 not the cheapest, but has a cool clip (wont use it for the torch)
  • ~ Build looks.. OK.. (quality wise) but thats based on pics
  • ~ Cant tell if the mode memory will work nicely
  • ~ Truly floody beam with TIR 15 deg.
  • ~ Only 2 modes, but at least they sound pretty good.
  • - Output its pretty low for the runtimes = lower efficiency based on quoted data. Apparently not soo bad though.
  • - Battery rattles when off - No Spring = battery crusher.
  • The one on the right end of the image from HKJ
  • + Forward clicky
  • + High output
  • + TIR or Reflector Option
  • + Neutral option
  • ~ No Memory (good if it started low) BUT...
  • ~ Starts on High
  • - A little more expensive.....
  • - Did I say it was expensive?

Its a pretty good little light and I do mean little. Its a perfect keychain light. It's not real bright (I think it was measured at 45ish lumens) but it will get the job done while having good runtime. Low is also low enough that its pretty good for dark adapted eyes. You wouldn't want to run this on a 10440 as It has virtually NO heatsinking. This is one you just have to stick with a 1.X volt cell.

Having a tiny neutral keychain light (I have the R4) that is actually usable is amazing to me. And yes, one-handed operation is as easy as could be.

2100: DQGII R4 is neutral white.

Cheap Chrills: The lights is easy for one-hand operation, it has 8 circles of threads and has a resist at the point between On and Off.

edc: DQG II Group buy? Dont know if blfers will have interest.Wink

Yes we do (neutral !)... and if the price is attractive, they will be selling like hot cakes. ;-)

One question .... is the magnet removable?

It is a some of my lights, I have a some more AAA lights and a few other lights.

The Univex exist in two version, one with reflector and a one with TIR optic. The TIR is a floody beam, but the light is not a budget light!

The price now is including a nice tin box and one claw.

Some customers took it off, it's removable. If you dont like magnet, you can choose glow dot version.


Can you provide the option for a really strong magnet? I understand the magnet isn't the strongest because of concerns with credit cards, but at the same time, having a stronger magnet makes it more practical for those that want it.

Another question - is the negative connection for the circuit board able to be isolated from the metal of the head. As far as I understand, the negative return for the circuit board is connected to the head of the torch, and therefore a spring is not an option for the battery tube. So the battery Will rattle in the off state.

I have - it's not the smallest, but it's #$$#@ing bright, and a nice neutral tint too. Will only take protected 10440 with slight modification, unprotected fits fine. Lives on my keychain.


If it could take a protected 10440, I'd think about getting one... I can always use a smaller pocket-rocket. :)

EDIT: Ouch! Just looked at the price. If it took a protected 10440 and cost half as much....


Group buy = different price? I could be interested...

Tint is not so important, cool, warm, in keychain they all go.

More info on this!
I remember reading, that iTP A3 R5 edition have higher PWM and also different UI compared to older ones (M-L-H).
In old one it was rather terrible.
SS would be nice, does it have the crab-claw clip in it like A1 SS?