Collecting interest for a Sofirn C01 host version

in for at least 2

djozz, it might not be relevant to this discussion, but 5mm LEDs are available up to 100mA rated (and maybe higher). They can be bought through eBay as 1/2 watt (even though it would be more accurate to say 1/3 watt). I don’t know about high CRI though.

For these 5mm LEDs, unless they mention specifically of the CRI, you can assume it’s at 70. Part of the reason is the material cost and the fact that the efficacy will drop ~20 lm/w going from 70 to 90 CRI.

If you want to go for the highest output in 5mm package and CRI is not your concern, you can always try that out.

This Australian site appears to show the 5600K as still in stock, but not the 3200K:

Yuji themselves also still has the 5600K in stock, in their usual quantity of 1000 pieces minimum.

I don’t know of any sources that still have the 3200K Yuji.

As long as we’re on the topic, I looked up a few other options for LED’s you could put in a 5mm host like this.

LED Supply (US only?) has unspecified brand and unspecified CRI of 5mm LED’s in cool and warm white, in addition to numerous different single color options, UV, and infrared.

You can also find combined RGB LED’s with a simple built-in controller that changes the color. Depending on the seller and the type, they are described as a “rotating”, “flashing”, or “dynamic.” An example here, including a video in one of the reviews:

Same here. Hot rod 10440 C01S would be nice. Just like 10180.

Do you know which led nitecore tube using?, i think it is a good choice for this host.

Btw, im not interested in this host, a few buck more i can have complete c01s with great tint and higher output

I’d take at least 2 (if black). Thanks!

You can talk about high power and lots of light here, always welcome :slight_smile: , but that is just not the C01. The 5mm led requirement will limit this light to under 100mA and under 50 lumen, max. The C01 is about low power long runtime endless abuse always works. Even without potting.

And this host allows some fun versions like colour leds and UV leds. I have some pretty high power (for 5mm leds that is) Nichia cyan leds, that would be a fun version, or a red led for seeing in the dark without destroying your night adaptation.

How long do the 5mm led wires need to be? I trimmed my only yuji to fit a coin cell light

Put me down for two (2) hosts for now.

If too short, solder stiff copper wires to it. When it fits, pot the whole compartement to give it stability. I had one unpotted C01, it’s really easy to do.

I’m afraid that you will need a bit of length because the solder holes are at the side of the driver while the led sits in the middle on top of some other components, you may not need the full length but the wires do need to make two bends.

What’s the driver diameter? Perhaps someone can make a new Li-Ion only driver for this and let people burn up LEDs if they want to. :innocent:

You’d still be stuck with the head made for 5mm leds.

If you are going to hotrod these little Sofirn lights, start with a C01S instead, it has a shelf for a ledboard so you can use powerleds. The C01S is not potted so you do not need it as a host version, they are easy to mod. The Mountain 12mm FET driver (tailormade for the Tool and Maratac AAA twisties) is a near fit, correct diameter but the ears are a bit different, but I bet if you glue it in it works fine.

Edit: I see that this driver is out of stock at Mountain Electronics.

Interested in 3 hosts!

What colours are they thinking of for the host? Personally I’d love another unanodised like the BLF C01, or something new - I’ve already got all the colours :stuck_out_tongue:

I am interested in 2 hosts. If possible in anything but black, but that’s not a deal breaker.
Just to separate the sheep from the goats. :wink:

They are thinking nothing yet. I think black and no-ano makes more sense than the other colours that Sofirn uses (red and blue). I doubt that Sofirn will do a rainbow of colours with these, just one. Especially if the list ends up under 100 units, as it looks like atm (I reckoned that the interest would be higher than it seems now). I even wonder if Sofirn will do the production at all under 100 units.

How about if Sofirn brands these hosts with BLF-C01 instead of Sofirn-C01 ? (after all the design is a real BLF effort) Would that generate more interest?

Since they are already putting the driver in, and basically making the whole light minus the Yuji LED, why not just make it a complete working light with some cheap 100mA emitter? As long as they don’t pot the light, it will still be just as easy to swap to another emitter. The LEDs themselves can be super cheap, so the cost compared to this “host” version is negligible. And some people could buy it and just use it as is, so you might get a longer interest list going.