Compact case for the LT1?

So, I searched through the 2019 post about LT1 cases, but the ones that people were recommending were 9.5 inches long (or bigger) or not available any more. The cases that mine came in are 9.5 inches long as well.

The LT1 itself is only 7 inches long. Has anyone found a smaller case for it that is more in the 7-8 inch range? I’m trying to fit three LT1s in a specific container that is about 8 inches wide, and without cases, I’m concerned about them banging into each other and getting marked up. Thanks!

I bought one that is made for the JBL Flip 3 and 4. Almost perfect fit. Someone on here or Reddit posted about it a while back.

Edit- re-read, and it may not be what you’re looking for. Mine is 9.5” long.

the hd20 is a cool light!

For my Sofirn LT1 Lantern, I use a case originally purchased for a Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker:

The case is a tight fit, but the "flat-style slim wall wart USB charger" that came with the SoundLink Mini Speaker and a USB charging cable fit into the case along with the lantern. Also, being black in color (inside and outside) helps the case stay relatively clean looking.

Outside Dimensions of the case with the Sofirn LT1 Lantern inside:

8 & 3/8 inches Long
3 & 1/2 inches High (when the zipper is oriented horizontally)
3 & 3/4 inches Deep

The outside of the case is semi-rigid (the inside is padded) but the case could be squished another 1/8 inch smaller in all dimensions if needed.

There are many other (and less expensive) Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker cases, but they could also have a slightly different size and fit for the lantern. This case was less expensive when I purchased it ($13 instead of the current $18) and includes an additional protective covering for the Bose Speaker which would be of no use for the lantern.

To save money and avoid purchasing a carrying case for each lantern (if I stored and transported multiple lanterns together in one container) I would probably just pad the individual lanterns to provide adequate protection from any anticipated adverse treatment using materials I already had, like placing the lanterns inside of multiple heavy socks or fabricating sleeves for each lantern from neoprene or another similar material that could be obtained inexpensively.

Thank you for trying, but a 8 and 3/8 inch long case is too long. As I said, I’m trying to fit it in a container that is 8” wide. The lantern itself is only 7 inches long, and I don’t need to store anything else with it, so I’m hoping that it’s possible to find one somewhere between 7 and 8 inches long.

It is going to be difficult (unless you are lucky) finding cases exactly the right size to fit your lanterns and also fit inside of your container, especially if you desire semi-rigid cases.

You may be able to find some off-the-shelf neoprene sleeves that could be modified (by cutting and then gluing or sewing on velcro hook and loop pieces to secure the opening or just fold that end over to shorten the length) assuming they stretch enough to fit and protect your lanterns:

I use this case. I just measured it at 8-1/8 inches long. It is flexible enough that I think it can be squeezed into an 8 inch space if needed.

There is not room for a power adapter, but, a USB cable can fit in the mesh on the opposite half.

It works great for me.

Doesn’t look like you could get much smaller than this without going to a soft case.

Check this out.

I’m trying to fit three LT1s in a specific container

Well, this has intrigued me! What’s your planned outcome? Is this just for shipping or for something else? My first thought was custom cut ($$:money_mouth_face: or DIY cut (:money_mouth_face: foam to line your container. Pick n pluck stuff by peli might also work?

I agree with gravel monkey.

You could just put some microfiber cloth, towel, handkerchief, foam padding, or bubble wrap between them inside the box.

I haven’t used a rigid case for mine. Instead, when I travel with my LT1 I just throw it inside a heavy winter sock to keep it from getting dinged up.

So, if the specs are to be believed, the inner dimensions of this case are 7.1 X 3 X 2.9, and judging by the looks of it, the outer length is not much more. I’ll order one and report back.


Thank you for the other ideas as well. I’ll come back to them if this case doesn’t work out.