Comparable Budget option for Olight Seeker 2?

I have dropped from the vicious cirle for a while.
I was thinking that there must be other options but soon noticed - can´t name any out from my memory… hmm…

So: dock charging is NOT needed. 21700 or 18650.
Triple LED, side switch preferred but not mandatory…

Convoy S12. Not the same output but similar size and more throw/lm.

21700 FW3A is coming soon too.

Astrolux EC01 XHP 50.2 3.0 Volt 21700 / 18650 with ramping, 3000 lm. Same length. $25.

Mezzol X8R-L is another affordable 21700 light with XHP 70.2, it is 2 cm longer than Seeker.

For codes go to M4DM4X or if you are fast X8R-L GB quits 3. October $34.

Fireflies E01, Sofirn SP33,Sofirn C8F, Nightwatch NS22, Nightwatch NS3X, Emisar D4S, WUBEN TO50R

The Lumentop EDC-18 (?) is coming out soon / is out - FW3 triple in sideswitch form.

If you’re searching for a 21700 side switch light I can not recommend the sub $25 FF E01 highly enough! Absolutely fantastic light, it’s my go to every night for dog walks in the park (mixed woods and open fields walking). Single emitter TIR with great beam useful for all situations and still pumps out ~1800Lm.
Not as high of lumen output as the seeker2 but a more useful beam for nearly every purpose.

Waiting for the FW3A 21700 for sure at least for myself but have to see other options also.
(got two FW3A´s myself, they are great.)

A Friend asked me to provide similar flashlights, he was looking for a discounted Olight (at 120€)…

Good suggestion, Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have to agree. This is quite a nice light at a nice price - AND it’s Anduril powered!

C8F is really the closest thing compared and is cheap.

Owning a Seeker 2 Pro, plus these, the beam pattern falls between the C8F and the EC01.

C8F is a much bigger light though.

Hmm, this has been under my radar….

Both FF E01 and Sofirn C8F are on my shopping list. If you had to choose one, which one would you go for and why?

FFE01 hands down. Better in hand, better in pocket when not in use, better general use beam, prettier (rule # 1 am I right).

I am also leaning towards FFE01 due to single switch operation and much better UI. Beam profile seems less floody than C8F, but still very usable at shorter ranges as well. Do you know if it takes also wrapped 21700 cells or OEM only?

I only have OEM 30T and 40T’s and they fit fine, not to snug but zero rattle and no spare room. May want to ask in one of the E01 threads.

Its the same body i.d. as the E07 if that helps…

Thanks, arent you worried about frying the LED with those high current cells? According to info, only cells with draw under 10 amps should be used.

I no longer have the sst-40 in mine but when I did it was totally fine with the 40T (I was a bit more careful with the 30t).
Its got a lh351d now so I can use any cell that’s out without concern.