Comparing 20 LEDs (with and without high CRI) in 14 Convoy s2+: final personal observations

After reading some comments in the lovely CRI topic :D I'd love to see the difference myself.

I'd like to see if I can get some cheap flashlights like the Convoy S2+ but with different LEDs with different CRI.

Ok, I placed the following order:

14* Convoy S2+ (1* with Nichia 219C, and 13* with Luminus SST20 4000K) at Fasttech

20* clear lenses (because I read some people said the AR coated lenses from Convoy shift the tint/DUV)

And the following LEDs at Kaidomain

CREE XP-E HEW Q5 5D2 4000K 80
Cree XP-G3 S5 5C1 4000-4500K -
Cree XP-L HD V4 5A3 4000-4200K -
Cree XP-L HI U6 5A3 4000-4200K -
Cree XP-L2 HD V3 5A 4000K -
Cree XT-E S4 5A3 4000K -
Nichia 219BT 4500K 92
Nichia 219CT 4000K 80
Samsung LH351D 5000K 90
Samsung LH351D 4000K 90
Samsung LH351D 5700K 90


And 1 219B at intl-outdoor: SW45K R9080 4500K


Djozz sent me 3 LEDs:

Nichia 219B v1 SW40 R9080 4000K

Nichia 219B v1 SW45 R9080 4500K

Nichia Luminus SST20-W CRI95 2700K (JA3)


Nichia 519A 4500K

Nichia 519A 5000K

Nichia 519A 5700K


For own reference:

measurements Convoy S2+ reflector and gasket:

Size S2+ reflector outside diameter: 20.6mm

Size S2+ reflector 'height': 11.6mm

Size S2+ reflector opening diameter: 7mm

Size S2+ gasket outside diameter: 9mm

Size S2+ gasket hole diameter: 5mm

Size S2+ gasket thickness: 1.7mm

To be less confusing, maybe replace the words "test" and "testing" with "compare" and "comparing".

thanks!! good one

I changed that

Also, maybe you could get away with getting just two similar flashlights.

One that's very high CRI, and one that's much lower CRI.

That's possible, but there might be differences between manufacturers as well, so it could be a better comparison

I would suggest something like a p60 host, but in the end it might end up costing the same as the s2.

Raccon City’s idea might be the most sensible money-wise. Get something like the lh351d or XHP50.2 at 70 and 90 CRI and same CCT and do a comparison.

Great idea, I always appreciate reviews who go that extra mile to offer such comparisons.

Would you consider using the old standard. a P60 drop-in? Would be inexpensive enough.

I think some good color charts are important as well, can be simple like colored squares or more complex like scenery.

This sounds like my days of comparing Audio Cables — one set of wires against another —- Blind test are even more confusing

Cover up the lights so you don’t know which one is which —you’ll be surprised what choices you make —- I recently acquired a XP-L 5D triple that I’m liking more than many of my Hi CRI triples — I have plenty —— Not sure if it’s just the Tint that’s so attractive

oh ChibiM

you have to have a Solarforce over there don't you ?

Why not just do a number of P-60 drop ins .

Pills were like $3.

one host ..

I'd suggest you fully diffuser the beam as well so no colors get caught up in the spill or tint shifting thoughout the beam .

Yeah, I think there are many differences, so the more the better :D

I was looking at Kaidomain for P60 drops, but they don't have that many LED choices..

oh, build my own P60's.. that possible as well.. hmmm maybe a better option.. (at least cheaper)

hold on... I'd like to compare them side by side...... so probably not an option, unless I get more P60 hosts :D

Maybe it would be smartest to do the comparison without any optics. That’s one variable less.

Is your goal to compare them side by side? Or will individual tests do?
If so, i would suggest a bench power supply with a proper heatsink like Djozz uses for led testing,

I'd like to have them installed in flashlights.. so I still think the S2+ is probably the best option to go...

Maybe add some DC fix to smoothen the beams.

$3.69 Empty Aluminum Drop-In Module w/Brass Pill (2-Pack) 2-pack - 26.5mm P60 sized / smooth aluminum reflector at FastTech - Free Shipping

a two pack is mighty enticing ? that's less than $2 a piece

Convoy has consistent quality, which is a big pro, and as said the S2+ is one of the cheapest options. Cheaper options might give you less quality and you may end up with unreliable parts which are not representative enough for a good comparison.

And separate pills still dont give complete Flashlights. A complete Flashlight is probably just a few dollar more.

Wurrkos has a package deal to buy all three of their fc11. 2700k hi cri, 4000k hi cri, and 5000k low cri. Prepare to park the 5000k because you ain’t gonna like it. As I said in the other post, it’s not just about the cri. 3 to 4k and hi cri is The sweet spot.

I prefer to have only 1 CCT, but since there are still a few LEDs that don't have a 4000K option, I prefer to go higher (4500K) instead of lower (3500K).

So in terms of popular 3volt Hi CRI LEDs around 4000K, what do we have?

  1. Luminus SST20... 4000K... CRI95
  2. Nichia 219C R9050... 4000K... CRI90...
  3. Samsung LH351D... 4000K ... CRI90
  4. Nichia 219CT... 4000K... CRI80

Some LOW CRI LEDs around 4000K:

  1. CREE XP-L2 HD V3 5A 4000K (Low CRI)
  2. CREE XP-L HI U6 5A3 4000K (Low CRI)

But some are only available in other CCT and low/high CRI

So these are optional:

  1. CREE XT-E R4 4D 4500K (Low CRI)
  2. Nichia B35AM R9080 4500K CRI?? (this is 6V)
  3. CREE XP-G3 S5 5C1 4000K - 4500K (Low CRI)

I'm probably leaning towards the Convoy S2 (not S2+) at Fasttech, it's only $9 without driver and LED.

And which manufacturer has 2 LEDs with the same CCT but 1 with high, and the other in low CRI?

Those xp-l’s have amazing tint and they are still 70 cri. The tint, not the CRI, makes them really feel like a high powered 219b sw-40/sw-45k mix. I use 5A2 and 5A3 XP-L Hi’s often when I want great tint, great output and decent CRI.

I went through this comparison phase as well. I did and still do it with P60 dropins, They are easy to build, they are cheap and they come in flavors… SMO and OP reflectors, triples and quads. I really do wish SolarForce was still around. Their dropins were decent and their reflectors were very well designed. Their drivers not so much, but that is an easy fix as well. The KD reflector dropins are pretty darn nice as well. They have a driver retaining ring, so no trying to heat the pill enough for a decent solder connection. I did really like the SolarForce low voltage driver as well, have used it in a few P60 aa/14500 builds, but they are long gone as well. Moved on to Convoy 4 mode AA/14500 drivers and with the 2xAA/2x14500 driver on the way, I can now get a decent driver in my dual cell lights.