Comparison of Beam on some of my 1000lm+ Lights (Photos)

So I decided to some beam comparison on some lights that I have. Mostly the bigger output 1000 lumens +
Recently I became a small distributor to Lumintop Lights in Australia and wanted to compare them to other brands in terms of output, beam, tint, etc.

This should also help anyone that is looking to buy any of these lights and would like a quick comparison.

All shots taken in manual mode. Exposure: 2s, F4, Iso 320, Focal length 35mm
Distance is 42m from flashlight to trees.

If someone could do a GIF of all of the shots, it would be welcome

The list is of the contenders:

Beam Shots:

Thanks for the beamshots Bruno28. The Imalent DT70 is quite impressive!

thanks. I hope this helps someone.
Yes the DT70 is a beast. It lights up with a nice throw but enough flood to illuminate things around. Much more than what I was expecting it to be. Has a really nice machining finish and matte black anodising. This is the light I would take to impress anyone/light up a bit area. It does get hot! In 2 mins it hits 57degrees C.
See a video I did of the heat produced.

Nice pics of some nice lights Bruno. I now know who was shining lights around last night. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Haha, I bet the neighbours were wondering what the hell I was doing. Lighting up trees with different lights.

Hey thanks a lot Bruno! I literally giggled when I saw the beamshot of the DT70; it really is impressive.

Very nice :+1: It’s amazing how much difference 10000 odd lumens can make :smiley:

Haha. It certainly is. A beast of a light. But remember it’s only in bursts of about 2 mins. Then it needs to step down.

Hahaha. Just 10000lm haha. I should have taken a photo of my light bar I made. Completely forgot. It’s about 21000lm.

Nice beamshots :+1:
i am thinking of getting DT70. Do you have any trouble with it? i have read people reporting troubles with the light from one of the emitter died to DOA. I do have DN70 and happy with it.

The DT70 shines the tree like a BOSS! hahaha

No trouble with it as of yet. All emitters seem to be working fine. Still would need to test it more. Only really used it about 3 times on turbo. Hopefully no issues with it in the future.

Which is your favorite within the lot?

I see no other choice but to think that Imalent went through several iterations of their lights to fix the issues. The last couple of months I don’t read about issues at all. Man I hope QC has improved a lot, and their new DX80 will not suffer from poor quality…

Hard to answer. But if I had to pick only one…Dt70
if I can pick two. Then DT70 and the BK-FA09S. As they are the two opposites and best performer in each of their design. One a flood (with good throw) and the other a super thrower.

But I must add that the SD26 is really nice. Well designed, fits great in the hamds and the hot spot is one of the best I’ve seen. You get a very perfect circle with defining edges and no artifacts at all. Also more practical to day to day use.

Nice collection and thanks for posting beam shots :+1:

Nice comparison beam shots, and a great collection. Thanks for sharing.

You’re welcome! hope it helps someone.