Complete list of Texas_Ace LED tests with user adjustable comparison chart

Yeah, me and Djozz have talked about this in the past. The problem is that the difference in our results varies LED to LED making it hard to give a good number across tests.

Some of this is the variation in binning from Cree, they have a 14% tolerance for each bin, and some are from minor variances in our own tests, like reflow, temps ect and the rest is the setup.

May we get the raw data behind the charts?

If you got to the individual threads for the tests you can see the raw data. This comparison is simply to compare different LED’s.

Yeah, but writing it down from the pictures is quite a laborious task… I’m sure you have the data available in editable form or else the charts in this thread wouldn’t exist.
I tried downloading the chart data from tableau, but got some weird format that requires proprietary Windows/Mac software to read. My machines run FreeBSD or Linux. Tableau has a web editor, but before I started it I saw a remark “You will need Tableau Desktop eventually”, so I gave up.
I would really appreciate help here…

That is part of why I have not released the data file, it is excel 2013 based and all the charts seem to make it unstable. Excel crashes on me regularly when I have that file open.

I will look into converting it to another format and releasing it though.

I would be happy with any format. Excel 2013 is as fine as anything. I can do the conversion for you and for others.

OK, I ran a repair on the excel file and it seems to be working better now. I uploaded it in the OP.


Thank you for sharing this!

Could you make a graph page comparing lumens to watts and then maybe add the Vf range next to each particular LED?