Congratulations to thefreeman for his first commercially available Boost Driver

Thank you!

Looks like a LOT of the boxes I’ve wanted checked in a AA light are getting checked with this one, and it’s a Hank, to boot!

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Oh snap that’s you? Congrats

I won a free hanklight in a giveaway on that sub lol. It saves you money!

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Now that’s serious competition for my trusted Wurkkos HD15 with 18350 tube!

This makes me happy … no more low freq. pwm , no more next mode memory , no strobe and SOS …What happens when we have nothing left to complain about .?

Life is good

Congratulations to thefreeman

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Apparently it’s the same size as a Zebra SC52, which is a AA light.

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I hope youre right… it would help me if I could see a side by side photo

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I’m probably going to do a review when I get mine,I don’t have an SC52 but I can do all the common small lights and 18650 Zebras.

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I look forward to your review, they are extremely thorough and full of good info

fwiw, here is an SC64 and SC53 (not my pic)

since Toykeeper posted the D3AA is “about” the size of an SC52 (slighly longer than the SC53)… Im encouraged the D3AA wont be as humongous as I feared :wink:

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Thanks for the Reddit info, i shall make a point of not joining it for the aforementioned budgetary reasons :money_with_wings: :grinning:

Sometimes my justification for buying a light is that sometimes it’s easier to find out if there’s any justification for buying a light once it is bought and in my hands.

I know we don’t know the size it yet but your comment about it possibly being 18650 sized has me wondering if there’s a niche for a decent 18650 light that can run on 1.2V or 1.5V in an emergency (ignoring the obvious creativity that will be needed to allow for smaller size batteries).

I resemble that remark

prepurchase questions are generally just a delay tactic :wink:

for an 18650 size light, that can use AA… I think the Convoy T3 fits the bill, sizewise, albeit non 18650 tube diameter

I personally have little use for AA lights… except I do keep a Skilhunt H150 in my car, for imaginary tire changes on imaginary dark and rainy backroads… lol

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Ah, not an 18650-sized light but an actual 18650 light, like a D4v2 with a D3AA driver so it can run on an AA in a pinch.
I always carry an AA or AAA light ‘just in case’ so this might negate the need for that.

But you’re right about the T3 being almost there which has made me realise i have a T2 driver in a Convoy S2+ running on an 18650 which could run on an AA.

It’s a little too long and underpowered for my EDC but I should at least try the AA thing to answer my own question.

(What are the chances of me learning that carrying a seperate AA light is just preferable :smile: )

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Congrats Thefreeman! :flashlight:

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Congratulations! Such a great achievement. :clap:

Is the Emisar D3 the first commercial flashlight to feature your boost driver? Does Hank have any plans to introduce it to other models?

3 pin pad layout is the same as a Wurkkos TS10?

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I am absolutely thrilled with this project and therefore big THANK YOU to @thefreeman
Been looking at his master art posts and this thread was a must.
Building FW is another level but nobody yet made such model of driver.
Guy deserves to get percentage of each sold driver for sure.

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yep, it is :wink:

tk said, we can use gshart or thefeeeman pad :wink:

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Also just wanted to give a massive thanks to @thefreeman , who is behind some of the coolest flashlight tech lately! It’s pretty inspiring to see someone so dedicated and passionate about their work. Hoping that this is just the beginning and we will see even more advanced stuff soon! :raised_hands: :relieved:

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Glad I didn’t buy that ts10 a week ago

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This is excellent news! I miss the good old days of custom modders and makers. However, my wallet is happier now. Not happy, just happier.

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