Conqueror MX-008

Looks like a nice flashlight, any experience?

Here is somewhere cheaper, by our old friend Kai Lam:

I'm wondering is it worth almost the double price compared to UF-008? I know HA-III is expensive, but...


I doubt it. Not at the eBay price. Especially as they seem to expect returns and expect you to pay for them. This does not sound like a good sign to me.

The earlier WF-008s were supposed to be pretty good but the newer ones are supposed to be pretty poor.

Some new lights I haven't seen before , but please , better descriptions ...

-t - m ??? Hi-Med-Lo-Strobe-SOS or Hi-Lo-Strobe , how do you chose ? do you quote , -t or -m

Some interesting looking stuff , but please , better detail in description .... Cree XR-E R? , What is K2 ? Luxeon K2 TFFC ????? ...

Thank you for the link ,

sayed R2 and 300 lumen. Is it this you wanted to hear about? I doubt. Then I rather prefere no specs at all, like KD does for this light.

I'm lately pleasently surprised with the quality of the newer budget flashlights. The Conqueror MX-008 is one of those. This flashlight looks good in the pictures, but even better in real. I compared it with a TorchLight from KD (the same as Ultrafire WF-008), because the size of the mirror housing is the same. The TorchLight is one nice lightning tool, but when you hold MX-008, it feels like a much more expensive light. I haven't take many pictures, because those on Manafont are very good. The anodisation is nice and even satin like type-III. The glass lens is not AR coated, but I already ordered 37.9 mm AR coated from KD. Although the mirror housing is the same on the both flashlights, MX-008 have inside of the housing painted matt black. Even the led emitter is painted black. Maybe this contribute to a slightly nicer beam compared to the Torch Light. The mirror surface of the MX-009 looks better than those on the Torch Light. Both flashlight have Q5 emitters, and I measured 19500 lux at 1m from MX-008, compared to 20500 lux from Torch Light. But, the current draw from almost full 18650 were 0.9 A at the tail cap for the Conqueror, and 1.5 A for the Torch Light. I'm planning to replace the original 4-mode driver with ShiningBeam 1400 mA 3-mode driver, and with the AR coated lens I'm expecting some 25000 lux :)

Damn, that is quite nice.

I've always suspected that at the around 20-30 mark shipped from china, they can do some killer lights. The problem with <15$ ones is that after you factor in overhead and everyone's cut, you're looking at maybe $5 flashlight and the emitter costs $2 or more. Hope these factories get their act together we get more like these.