Consolidating members who do custom requests

I also do all types of mods. Everything except metal work. I do not do CNC, lathe and mill work. If I had that equipment this forum would in some ways be different. I feel like I should have been a machinist with E.E. credentials my whole life.

Every and any ATTiny13a re-programming. I programmed some drivers for velvetant.(Open Source)

Any and all types of reflowing and soldering, for flashlights of course.

Sinkpad and Noctigon upgrades.


Wiring/spring upgrades.

I specialize in heat sinking electronic components. I love doing these mods. I love it when things run cool.

Any driver upgrade.

Any emitter upgrade.

Multi-LED DTP upgrades.

Battery capacity testing.

Driver potting.

etc etc etc...

will it be possible to indicate members location?

I do custom drivers and firmware for my own use, and I guess I could do it for others. My main problem is I have so many projects of my own, all wanting precious time.

The kind of stuff I do:

When it comes to building lights I’m not really the guy. I can solder OK, drill holes and use a file, but that’s about it. Driver design and firmware, stuff done behind a computer screen, that’s what I can do.

I would actually ask the person before sticking their name on the list. I was referred to Tom E a couple of months ago when I was asking for someone to mod a M2X Javelot and didn’t get a response from him for about 15 days and said he was too busy.

That is what I already wrote in my post above, it would be good to refer to that in the OP too (and other remarks, like about Cereal_killer who has not been seen for a while)

Oooh yep maybe I should. Will update when I’m not so busy


Pigeonholed: assign to a particular category or class, especially in a manner that is too rigid or exclusive.

“a tendency to pigeonhole him as a photographer and neglect his work in sculpture and painting”

synonyms:categorize, compartmentalize,classify, characterize, label, brand,tag, typecast, ghettoize, designate

“they were pigeonholed as an indie guitar band”

I was Pigeonholed by a Pigeon one time. He was a mean one!

Since I am presently unemployed, I would consider doing custom work, from simple component changes, to whole lights. BUT, I have to clarify that statement. I will "consider". I may not be interested or I may not feel it would be in the best interest of both parties. I do "Hand work", so the only power tools are the ones that I can hold in my hands, except for a drill press. That is fine for some people, but for others, they would rather have precision machine work done, so I would discuss each build on it's own merits and what the owner felt he/she expected. Don't compartmentalize me, however, because my old bones can't take sitting in those cramped compartments.

Vinh makes some awesome mods with various improvements on some popular lights to drive them harder.
They’re often referenced here on BLF and sometimes up for sale. I don’t know if he’s a member here though.

Vinh is usually only seen over on that ‘other’ forum…
Worth a mention though as he always does very good work.

All the best and keep shining,

I see :slight_smile: I will place your name up under ‘depending on interest and consideration’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Never seen him here. :confused:
Did try a search for him here but all I got was WTS threads hahaha
I have to say his prices are quite steep!

For those who don’t know?

Yeah I know his username but am looking just for members here

Since everyone is doing it, I guess you can throw me on the list.

My expertise is somewhere between MikeC and OL

Will do pilot! :wink:

I hope Cereal Killer comes back soon. I wanted one of his color drivers.

I have built a couple completely customs lights and modded many, but not much as “requests” Though i’m currently doing one Gas Lantern Conversion to LiIon/LED for a member from the “other” forum, and one lantern mod/conversion for a member on the ColemanColectorsForums.

I will have to give a special plug for Richard at Mountain Electronics. I have seen his work, and even though I do a lot of the stuff he does, his work is like art. There is no other way to put it. The guy is just a detail fanatic, I love it!! His soldering skills still just blow my mind. I don't know how he does it. I opened up a level II modded M6 from his shop and was just floored by the quality. Incredibly fantastic. I guarantee you he folds his socks individually before he puts them in his dresser.

If you’re interested in Vinh lights he has his own subforum on the other forum.

Here is a topic I started but it didn’t take off. custom light request