Contemporary incan build/models?

So I’ve teased myself back into incans a little bit with Surefire M3/MN10 running 2x14500 cells. Sure, not the greatest runtime nor the brightest output but I forgot just how effective these old incans can be. Lights up inside nicely and out-throws LEDs with multiple hundreds of great lumens. Given that, if I wanted to run a lithium powered incan/halogen/xenon bedside light what are some good options these days? I’d like 200+ lumens or even 300+ and somewhat comparable to the balanced beam from a P60 or my MN10 with good throw but useable spill (or even throwier). Lumens factory has some good surefire options but is there anything out there thats more… BLF…??

Five Mega makes a ceramic socket for the MN series that allows you to run any G-4 bi pin.

Not sure what host you’re using but 2 18650s would run a 5761.

Kaidomain has verious xenon P60 dropins, just pair with a P60 host of choice.

Since this old thread has been revived, I wonder if anyone has done a regulated incan nowadays, after the A2 aviator. AFAIK there was a whole model range from Surefire to have regulated incandescents but the Luxeon V killed it all right before release.

A 12v bulb with a boost driver (borrowed from something with an FC40 or XHP70) would make for a very nice light, with constant output and a bright beam until the battery runs dry, instead of becoming a sickly yellow halfway down.

Anduril might be well suited for it, could even be implemented to have soft start/stop if the light is an e-switch host.

I doubt anyone is doing much of anything incand related these days.
Doesn’t seem like there’s much available to work with anymore.
Welch Allyn bulbs are gone. The Pelican bulb (3854) is gone.
LEDs have gotten brighter and more light can be produced in a smaller form factor.

That said, I still love tinkering around with incandescent Mags. I do wish I’d picked up some of the soft start modded switches from back in the day. But I’m content with running a 5761 on 7.2V.