continuing the subject of boredom i think ill try a fenix or jetbeam

anybody tried a fenix tk15 or a jetbeam pc25? pretty similar, one r5 the other xml.

I'd go the XM-L route if I was going to spend $75

But in that price range there are some pretty awesome lights to consider.

Well if you are in the US you should order from a US store like goinggear batteryjunction etc.

But yes so many great lights in that price range, narrow is down by features you really want, battery type etc.

good luck

i have some credit from mf so im limiting myself to their available lights. looking at these two in 18650, i really liked the build quality of the e21 from dd so im leaning towards the fenix. the rrts are way too high as well as the sunways. i just got a bc10 and it took a little cleaning up to work properly.

If I was going to spend $75 on a flashlight, I would buy the Jetbeam BC40 and get more bang for your buck.

already got an x8 and stlv2 so im not really looking at that. thx!

I understand. I really like the looks of the Jetbeams. Hope you get what you want. Be sure and let us know.

Try to source from HKE, they are selling Fenixes at pretty low prices. 74usd shipped for TK21. Not too slow shipping too.

Fenix- TK 30 on sale for $69 from LCK LED

Order a $10 XML U2 with it and stick it in there and it would be a sick light for $79 bucks.,-WC/product_info.html

I have got the TK15. It's a great light but now the xml's are out I would probably go for PC25 instead. Although I would really miss the pocket clip. I don't know if you need a tactical light but if it's just for general use I'd get a Zebralight SC600 if I were you. It's brighter, better runtime, smaller, pocket clip.

thAnks for the great suggestions, maybe ill stArt the sc600 fund by selling off some of my lights.

I second the Fenix TK21. Just wait until Manafont gets it.

ill probably shoot jim an email to see if they can stock the tk21. thx!

I hope you are considering the Klarus XT10 too. It's within your budget and also a great choice.

It'd be interesting to see how much can they do. From what i see, they are not lower.

HKE also stocks Klarus and Zebralight. I am not into those lights (though SC600 is somewhat in my list), so no pricing info.

Zebralight SC600! Mmmm. Definitely on my wanted list.

Based on this thread (@"the other forum") changing only the emitter won't work, and changing U2 + 3A driver gave "only" 27kcd (1). Maybe ergotelis would tell us more about his mod and how it compares to his other lights?

(1) "only", because FF STL-V6 has quite similar looks and gives you ~45..50kcd (out of the box)

To me both the Fenix and Jetbeam (original post) are too similar to P60 lights which I can get pretty cheap and have a lot of already. I might go for a Jetbeam BC20 which is a compact 18650 with only 2 modes.