Convoy - 8*7135*TNT*

I forgot I ordered this driver and now it's here! Anywho, is this driver pretty much universal? Like I can use a wide variety of of emmiters like XPL, XPL HI, SST20, SST40 etc.


Nice! Perfect for my secret Z-build! “Octopus!” :slight_smile:

Btw Lexel your drivers are super duper! Just trying to decide one for L6(70.2) :slight_smile: ?

I was wondering if you recommend unsoldering a 7135 chip if you wanted to tune the power down? I was thinking maybe get a 6*7135 driver?

Yep, remove (or add) as many as you want. Can also do some custom builds on modes too (I’ve made a custom one for my daughter’s light that only has 0.1, 1, and 10%).

Hey Thanks for the 7135 tips! Never knew about the custom modes. Gonna look in to now. :slight_smile:

2S —> 6V drivers are not used with AMCs anymore, they tend to die especially with 70.2
Instead I use a small FET with resistor

I take it FET works in the constant-current part of the output. Like it runs in the low voltage switching region and so by controlling voltage, the FET becomes sorta like a resistor and therefore the driver is more stable? Is this why it’s better for example for the L6?

Can 7135 be added to these drivers ? For example i have a 8x
Do I have to put one on each of them
So 8 on stock and 1 on each stacked ? Total 16?

I’m new to 7135’s. But I heard that stacking is kinda hard. Also it’s for low modes or something like that. Better ask someone who’s done it.

Stacking can be done provided your light has enough room and thermal capability. 16* would be 5.6A.

You can stack as many or as few as you want. They are all in parallel for these 1-channel 8x7135 drivers.

Does anyone know of a cheap 2-channel 7135 driver that could use the same firmware as this (Biscotti)?

this but remove 6 of the chips

If you learn to customize and flash firmware, Mountain Electronics moonlight special would fit the dual-channel requirement but I don’t think Richard offers it with Biscotti since it’s not natively made for dual channel.

Or you take your existing driver, cut a trace to separate a single 7135, then run an air wire from a MCU pin to the now-isolated 7135.

If you can flash firmware but aren’t comfortable customizing it, I have done builds that would work.

What’s an “air wire”?

Thanks for the info gchart, the moonlight special does look like the only option off the shelf.

I have been looking through Toykeeper’s firmware repository, I suppose it would make sense to modify Bistro changing the FET channel to Nx7135.

Literally a piece of wire run through the air.

Bistro won’t fit on the attiny13a that’s on your board. My Babka firmware (in Toykeeper’s respository) is like an extended version of Biscotti and would work.

Got it! :slight_smile: