Convoy C8+ CULPM1 | PM1 vs NM1 Showdown!

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Nice flashlight and cat, thanks for the review !

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Where did the cigar grip come from ?


Cigar grip came from Kaidomain. They can be purchased as a three-pack.

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So this is the CULPM1 vs the CSLNM1 right? And not the CSLPM1 vs the CSLNM1? I couldve sworn you said CSLPM1 at some point in the video. And it’s not the CULPM1 vs the CULNM1 right?

Trying to decide if I want ramping or not. Right now its only available if you buy the one with the battery included and those liitokala batteries are pretty garbage above 2amps, but also I still don’t fully understand how this ramping works lol

Thanks for the reply .I’ve always been a cigar grip fan and at one point bought big rubber stoppers and made my own . Still have a few lights with big chunky rubber bands acting like cigar grips .

It’s CSLPM1, as noted in the link. Sorry. I did misspeak. I’d go for the ramping, Jeff.

The link says CULPM1.

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