Convoy C8 pill replacement

Anyone knows where can i buy a convoy c8 replacement pill that accepts 20mm star base plate? I want to mod my c8 and replace it with my sinkpad 20mm but it only accept 16mm and i don’t want to use 16mm plate. Thanks

type in that Custom Search window (upper left corner of your screen) the words

C8 pill

and look at the results — it’s complicated, there’s no standard you can rely on, so you have to know exactly what you have then look for the piece that will fit what you have.

The brass pills @Gearbest have a ~19.5mm opening. You can grind it open to 20 (hard) or grind the star down to fit (easier), you still need to extend the lead holes further out (Dremel). IIRC, comfychair posted a photo of that.