Convoy C8+ powered by 21700 yet? Any insider info?

I’d just be happy to buy (really update to) several Convoy C8+ flashlights powered by 21700 batteries. I hear calls for that formula in more than a few other places around the internet. Its such a no-brainer, everybody loves the Convoy C8, who wouldn’t want it with a beefier battery? Anybody hear anything yet? How about a BLF special on that for those who are well connected and can pull strings?

Extremely important footnote…I’m fully aware of, and have zero interest in the triple LED Sofirn C8F, thank you.

How awesome would a 21700 C8+ be. A host at a minimum. I think it would be a great seller.

Be patient. Simon posted a video of the drawings of a C8+ with 21700 batt.
No ETA but I think it will happen.

Im also looking forward to this. Liking the C8 size format, but would like the extra runtime of a 21700 cell.

Are the Convoy hosts superior in build quality and/or modding potential to the Sofirm 21700 product already (easily) available on Amazon? Given that there are but a few 21700 offerings at the moment it would be nice to hear some opinions as to where they all rank in overall quality if or when the Convoy is ever produced for comparison.
Fireflies are out for me (period) due to the purposeful lack of help with battery fitment in their last right angle light thread…which was ‘ok’ and vehemently defended before delivery…until it wasn’t.

I just don’t see any reason to keep investing in small tube lights nor to pay up for the latest/greatest given the obsolescence factor.
As far as I can tell, Convoy (Simon) is producing a quality light with reasonably expected service (or beyond) to boot which would be perfect for me if Amazon was the host.

Convoy is typically of superior quality, at least the products I have from Simon. For the price you can’t go wrong, therefore I am looking forward to seeing an updated C8 in the market.

All Convoy products are good quality, not too expensive, very mod-friendly, there are plenty of parts available, which all lego together and last but not least, Simon, the owner of Convoy’s official AE store is very helpful.
And you even get BLF discount from him :wink:

The endorsements make it hard not to wait for what he comes up with versus what passes as customer service presently.
It would be interesting to know what the barriers are for these small manufacturers not choosing to go the Amazon route or if these much higher prices simply go in the state’s pocket (instead) as a penalty for not using state approved markets.
I would just as soon send the money directly to his PayPal account with no AliExpress involvement yet I’m assuming that this is impossible.

I think Convoy’s AliExpress store is as direct as possible at the moment. Although I am sure payment via paypal would also work if you contact him beforehand? Not sure if anyone has done this before!

Any Convoy C8+ 21700 movement/updates? I already have the Sofirn C8F but would like a little more throw with the 21700 runtimes.

Me too. I haven’t seen a timeframe but the 21700 C8+ is definitely in the pipeline as indicated by Simon here.
I don’t have any 20mm drivers as yet but plenty of 17mm so am hoping the 21700 S2+ indicated by Simon here takes a 17mm driver, i have 21700s that need a good home!

Simon mentioned making adapters (22mm to 17mm) for the Convoy S11 if enough people were interested. Mentioning and including 20mm to 17mm to the list might make it more financially feasible.

A 21700 S2+ would be great too. I just recently discovered the 18650 but a super sized S2+ would have great runtimes. Thanks for the links.

Im also all in for a C8 with single emitter of choice and runtimes of 21700!

Sounds good, but also throw in a FET to drive it, rather than a bunch of linear 7135 drivers. In a thrower, I want the maximum power possible. You’ll get at least 60% more output with a FET, compared to the 8 x 7135 he uses now.

The Convoy C8’s I have now just seem a little under-powered, and still suffer from decreasing battery voltage. The C8’s with FET drivers are much better.

Even better are the throwers with boost drivers (and the XHP35 HI), though I presume that would be getting too pricey for Convoy. But if he could swing that with a modest price premium, that would be great!

A C8 sized, 21700 powered light with easy swap-able, hard driven XHP35 HI or HD with some decent driver would be my next purchase.

The decent driver part might be a problem though.

Found some 20mm to 17mm adapters on KD :slight_smile:
And they do 22mm to 20mm though not sure about having an adapter in an adapter. Also puts me in mind of one of the Cometa problems with shorts due to a smaller driver than planned so i’d need to insulate them properly.

Simon said he would get some 22mm to 17mm adapters made.

Yes, sorry, was just waffling a bit. Will likely get the 22mm adapters from Simon if he makes them but don’t see a point asking him to make 20mm adapters if the KD ones are suitable. If he decides to make them anyway it makes sense to get them from him.