Convoy C8 Replacement

The trusty C8 strapped to my water helmet has earned itself a crack across the glass. Is there somewhere I can get a replacement?
Or should I just stump up for a replacement and relegate the old one to my fire tunic? If so, should I just go for a Convoy C8+, or is there something better out there now?
(1x 18650 thrower, in the same price range)

Replacement Lens direct from Simon’s Convoy store: 淘宝网 - 淘!我喜欢

Works out about £3.50 for 2 delivered, so you’ll have a spare too.

And you could always add a new C8+ to the same order :wink:

And replacing the lens is very easy. No need to junk it. If anything, you could use this as an opportunity to modify it.

Thank you for the link.

I am thinking about getting another cheap 18650 thrower, so I don’t have to remember to swap it between uniforms. Is the C8+ the way to go?
(I haven’t done much shopping around recently)

I have a C8+ in sand ano (well, two actually) which I built with Simon’s 12 mode driver and a 3500k LH351D. Fantastic mid-sized light with an impressive turbo and still a very functional mode range. I also find the balance between throw and flood very pleasant with the LH351D; not as pencil-beam as other 3535 LEDs but very usable while still throwing well. Plus their sand anodizing is some of the best I’ve seen. Actually picked up a XPL version a while back and that ano is ever better… but does’t sound like Convoy has any ability to sort the various sub-shades and textures of their finish.

I’m curious how much abuse that C8 took before the lens cracked? Seems like a significant weak point as the window is quite large and not overly thick (like for example the almost ridiculously thick lenses on my Surefire C2/C3 lights). Maybe an acrylic lens would be more durable if you need to take a lot of impact.