Convoy C8 Triple?

KD has some replacement pills for their C8’s and maybe their C12 lights, not sure if they have the same configuration. I wonder if they could work up a new Triple Kit screw into their lights?

If a spacer brings the emitters “further out” in the new C8 at least soldering would be easier. you could solder the LED wires onto the driver and funnel them through the holes.

solder paste and enough heat would be a good solution to mount the spacer?
edit: scratch that, soldering to aluminum is not easy.

Spacer is easy way, in fact there is no difference in spacer design if there is solid shelf or screwing pill under it.
Spacer should be similar to those from X6/X7, but bigger height (more heavy?). Need to think if there is any need in aluminium version or one copper is enough.
From the other side, head is bigger than optics so extra liner tube is required. Different C8s internal shape differs and there is no fixed step inside that can be used to base on this liner tube. I think it should be based on spacer to save right height in defferent hosts (most C8s have same size reflector).
Also stock reflector is used to hold o-ring so liner tube is defenetly needed.
I have three different brand C8s but non of them are pill-less. Convoy host is cheap but it will be faster if anyone who already owns it will help me with few dimentions.

Ledil TAMPA: 38 mm, for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 LEDs,
Ledil ANNA-40: 39.5 mm, for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 LEDs.

-no pcb=multi pcb soldering in small area=multi pcb centering=spacer requires milled holes for 10mm pcbs=2x-3x machining time enlargement=too expensive mod ($3-4 rare optics+6-7x$2 10mm sinkpad+6-7x$2-3 leds+$25-30 spacer, add driver cost, host cost, shipping from all over the world and get m43 for the same price).

Triple SMO Alu Reflector 36.5 mm x 14.25 mm (FT)
Triple SMO Alu Reflector 40 mm x 20 mm (SLE)
Quad SMO Alu Reflector 43 mm x 19 mm (FT)

They dont solve main problem:
-no pcb=multi pcb soldering in small area=multi pcb centering=spacer requires milled holes for 10mm pcbs=2x-3x machining time enlargement=too expensive mod

In the ancient times before triple or quad PCBs some people directly soldered or glued (CPF) LEDs to heatsinks. The latter would make alignment much easier.
Emitter PCBs are just for lazy people.

Trustfire F3

I wonder what numbers one can get with a new driver and use dd xpg2, or xpl hi

The Sofirn C8F is a C8 using triple XP-G3 LEDs. It has a nice reflector to envelop them - which I'd love to be able to purchase separately, as I also have a space Convoy C8 host which would be nice as a triple.

I have one of these lights on the way, as I love the C8, and thought it looked like fun.

Does anybody know whether this triple reflector is available separately? checked fasttech so far and couldn’t find it. The Sofirn store on AE didn’t have it either.
Anybody in touch with Sofirn?

The Sofirn C8F is only about $26. Buy it, remove the XP-G3’s and re-populate with XP-L HI and you’ll be in business. Save the XP-G3’s for a light that doesn’t blow em. :wink:

For the record, Noctigon’s 32mm copper MCPCB mates up well with the Sofirn C8F triple reflector. :wink:

Put aside their protected cell, install a good high discharge brand name cell, with the XP-L or XP-L2’s on a Noctigon, and it does some 3300 lumens. Sweet light! Their stock driver works fine, no need to change it.

So my Sofirn C8F arrived today (very fast postage - I think that only took one week). I'm really, really pleased with it, and will probably buy another one to mess with.

But it's a great quality host. I really like the looks of it, with its smooth surfaces. The tail cap is well designed too, allowing great access to the switch.

I'll tear it apart properly on the weekend, but from the initial look-see and play, I'm super-happy.

oh - and yes, it's certainly the brightest C8 I own. A triple C8 - great call!

Yeah, I definitely had a “Holy $#|+!!” moment when I flicked it on at night at a bunch of trees down the block. :smiley:

It’s one thing to have a thrower, but this threw a wider area of light, quite bright. In the size of C8 yet!

Think the reflector for the C8F is shallower than the stock reflector, so you’d probably need a spacer to get it to sit right.