Convoy C8 Triple?

Does this exist ?
People make triples of the other Convoy lights why not a C8 ?

Thanks :-}

Probably because the C8 is modded for throw and triples for flood, the bigger reflector of the C8 accommodates throw and the smaller head of the Sx starts out better for flood.

Somebody posted a review of a triple that looked like a C8 on steroids with cells in series. On the phone now, will look for it later
Edit 2
Here you go there must be a written review also bit it gives you a start.

Look at the head and tail, no arguing this looks like a bigger C8.

The C8 also has a tweener head size, too big for the 35 mm Ledil cute-3 and too small for the 50 mm Ledil rocket-3. The X6 is better suited to the first and a Mag C/D the second. It could be done but it would not look as clean.

Curious about this too. I agree that most folks will sooner mod a tube light to fit a carclo lens, or a big soup can light with either a triple reflector setup or individual optics. I would like to build a C8 sometime with an aluminum spacer and put a CUTE in there with 3 219C’s. You would get a floodyish beam pattern similar to a SRK, but without all bulk.

Has anyone done something like this?

This is turning into a interesting thread!

I suppose you could use individual TIRs or reflectors if the readily available triples wouldn’t look right…

Actually, I just measured my Convoy C8 here and the inner bezel diameter is about 37mm. I think a Cute 3 wouldn’t look too bad.

Given the choice I’d look for a reflector option just to be different from the X6 and to maximize reflector size. There’s more depth available too.

Someones gonna do it! And I am going to have to buy it.

Thanks guys!

Using the deep Convoy reflectors:

Wait… What? Did you make that by joining three reflectors?

Yes, that was done by hand/eye a long time ago, on a bench sander. I now have a vertical/horizontal rotary table which makes duplicating precise angles a snap.

C8 to “triple” I thought a bit of time ago and it seems to me that there was a bike light that had three LEDs and diameter suitable for the C8 head.
But I did not want to “sacrifice” a bike light for a “tentative” on a C8.

My father always told me: “you do not unmount an altar, to make a small altar” :slight_smile:

You’ve done some nice work with both optics and reflectors, what did you do to protect the delicate surface from the tailings?

On that version, nothing. And it ruined the coatings. What I found works is Elmer's glue, painted on with either a very soft brush or a cotton ball. Then soak in hot water afterwards to remove it.

With a belt or disc sander it absolutely has to be protected, but in the mill with nice sharp carbide, and paying attention to always keep the leading edge of the cutter rotating from the shiny parts towards the outside, there's not much in there that can damage it.

Thanks for posting tnis. I was wondering if cutting reflectors like that would work. Time to look again at reflector choices for the srk project. What did you use to hold them together?

This is the kinda stuff that I like to see. Pure inspiration. Y’all keep it up

I wonder if you could just dip or pour them instead. Painters use a liquid for masking glazed doors & windows that peels off afterwards but if it pulled the coating it would be useless.

Like I’ve write in another thread (the Lixada review):

A big head (like C8 or Warsun Mx900 – always C8 style)
Triple led (ok floody/wall of light)
1×18650 (thinner body)
dual switch (tail cap on/off- side switch for changing mode)
Blf A6 driver
1-2 short tubes for extend the body
Budget (25-29$ shipped)

and let’s start another BLF GB :sunglasses:

Does anyone still interested in C8 triple conv. kit? To fit 35mm Cute-3 optics.
X6 is good but small switches does not live long in direct drive.

Yes! well, depending on price and difficulty. Since the new Convoy C8’s have and integrated shelf , I imagine a modification kit would be difficult. At lease more difficult than a screw in pill version. Hope I am wrong.