Convoy C8 with 2xCR123a?

I’m looking for a C8 light that can run reliably (driver rated for 6v+) on 2 primary CR123a cells. I hear many good things about the Convoy lights on FT, but none of them have the driver input voltage listed in the item description. Don’t have rechargeable 18650s, nor do I ever want to bother with Li-ion baterries, so 2xCR123a is what it has to be. Won’t go the DIY route, unless there’s a drop-in for the Convoy C8 host that’ll work (is there such a thing?). Aside from Convoy, there is a Fandyfire light that is rated to run off of 2x16340 cells, so I’m assuming 2xCR123a is GTG, but it’s a 1-mode light, and I’d like a 3 or 5 mode light. And what the heck is a Fandy? I’d like to avoid the QC crap shoot that most of the *fire lights seem to be.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Solarforce has some drop-ins that are rated to 9V, e.g.:—9-Volts_p_4110.html

You can combine that with, say, a Solarforce L2M and you can run that with either 1 or 2 batteries (L2M comes with an extension tube).

FYI, the one above is 3 modes, but they also have a 5-mode one:—9-Volts-\_p_4111.html

and a 1-mode one, so you have some choices…

I actually have that exact same light and drop in (5 mode). I’m looking for a C8 form factor light.

I have never seen a C8 pill with a 6V driver (ready to buy). Maybe someone you know, can solder a little bit and can help you. It isn't very hard to do this with a soldering station (or a solderinge iron with 50W+ ).

One thing about the you batteries choice (if the CR123A batteries cost a similar rice in the US as in Germany - I would pay round about 1,5€ each Panasonic CR123A)

If you use the flashlight often, rechargeable 18650 would be the better choice (cheaper with the time and much more great drivers - with many modes configurations, low voltage warning etc.)

I thought that 6v was okay for most single li-ion drivers, especially if used on anything other than ‘low’. As for the cost, they’re a bit cheaper than in Europe but still much more expensive than li-ions. I’m guessing he wants them from a preparedness standpoint, CR123’s keep their capacity for a decade usually, li-ions degrade much sooner than that. If you have CR123’s in a light you keep in your car, you know that the run time will be bad, but you can be confident in the runtime. Not so much with a li-ion.

Bingo. I’ve had excellent results with Trustfire CR123a primaries bought in bulk from eBay ($0.75 ea.), and I like knowing that when I need that light, it’ll work. I also don’t have to worry about possible charging mishaps.

Does anyone happen to know what drivers are in the Convoy C8 lights? I figure if I can track down the driver model I can figure out if it’ll handle 6v.

I think your best bet is to pm RMM and see if he can put one together for you. He sells bare hosts but also offers build services at rediculously reasonable rates. I don’t know that there are any premade pills for c8’s since they vary so much. The p60 system only works because the fit is so sloppy and they use that huge spring to make up the differences. I just got a Convoy C8 from him myself and plan on hacking up the pill to add copper to it and had to wait a bit extra because his shipment of C8’s came in without pills. Maybe he got a few extras.

The Nanjg drivers that come stock in the Convoy lights are fine with 6v from two CR123As (but not 8.4v from RCR123/16340s).

The stock driver should work fine, but I would be wary of running at more than around 1.5 amps continuous with the CR123s, the cells get VERY hot when pushed to 2.5-3.0 amps. I wouldn't trust running them at 2.8A especially with "unknown" brand CR123s.

The one from FT comes in as low as a 2.1A version, which may be OK but also may be pushing it too far. It is easy on that light to get the driver out since the pill just unthreads. I would get that one then remove 1 or 2 more 7135 chips to get the current down to a reasonable level for CR123s.

What about sk-98 ?
Can it take 6 V ?
Like the one with the
Solid pill from fast tech ?

Does it have a Nanjg-based driver, or some other completely unrelated thing?

See if Richard is willing to build you one with a kidded qlite driver

I’ve never really understood why folks would want to run 2xCR123 with a linear regulator. You’ re going to waste about 40% of your energy.

Do all the Convoy C8 lights come with the Nanjg driver?

If the driver looks like this, it's a Nanjg 105C.

If the description says anything about '2-group' or '3/5 mode' or mentions changing the configuration with the stars, then it's a Nanjg-based driver (there are many variations using different firmware, some use the stars, some don't, but they all use the same physical hardware which is what determines the acceptable voltage range).

I have not heard of any Convoy C8s that use something else, but I have not exactly scoured the planet looking for them, either.