Convoy C8 XHP70 mod by ZozzV6

I built this Convoy C8 not so long ago.

I had a spare XHP70 N2 3A on DTP copper MCPCB from the XHP70.2 Convoy L6 build and I wanted to use that in a smaller flashlight.
I choosed my gray C8 with stainless bezel and AR coated lens. It was transformed a lot times. It had XM-L2 led as I bought stock. Then putted in XP-L2 with OP reflector and TA driver. Then replaced the driver with TA OTSM and the led with SST40 and a SMO reflector, then dedomed the SST40.
So it was changed all the time.
I used 2x Aspire 18350 batteries. They are a little bit long so I need to make springs on both the driver and tailcap short as possibble. I dont have pics from this but if you want I will take some.
I used a Convoy driver and zener modded it. Now it has low voltage protection also because I changed resistors in it. I added 2 more 7135s to make 3,5A at first try. I flashed Biscotti firmware in it.

The reflector had to be opened up. I used a step drill to make it.

After that I started to thinking about centering ring but noticed that the reflector barely touch the led.

But it has a very noticable donut hole in the hot spot.

I tried the light without bezel and started raising the reflector and the hole disappeared at about 1mm lifted reflector. So I made a spacer ring from a wire for the reflector.

The bad news that it makes a gap between bezel and head.

But the good news is that it make a good nice hot spot.

See the raising.

Outdoor beamshots:

I really like that outside it has a nice smooth beam with hardly noticable hotspot and no donuts.

It is making at first 2202 lumens at 3,5A and 19100 cd but now I opened up the reflector more and it made 2300 lumens. Then added one more 7135 and I made 2400 lumens. I haven’t measured intensity since the latest upgrade.

For a centering ring, here is a little trick I tried out that works ok in my 70.2 X6.

Find a o-ring that will sit kinda tight at the base of the dome, but on top of the “square” part at the bottom, and preferably able to just fit inside the reflector hole.

Then another, larger o-ring, the inside diameter of witch will be the outer edge of your new centering ring.
I used a little thread grease to hold it in place where I wanted it.

Then mix up a good size glob of thermal adhesive (I used Arctic Alumina) and fill the gap between them.

Install reflector and slowly spin the bezel down, but stop just a turn or so short of tight.

Let it dry for about 3-4 minutes, remove the reflector carefully, and peel away the o-rings, then clean up any “flashing” with an x-acto knife or similar.
As long as you dont leave it too long, the thermal adhesive will hold its shape, yet still peel off.

I dont have a way of hosting pics right now, but I’ll see what I can do about adding one.

Thanks! I don’t need centering ring in this light because the reflector is fixed with bezel and it is floating well above the led.

Hi Zozz, sorry for off topic but I’m interested to know where you get this light mount ?

Also if you can tell me it is 26650 acceptable and has a standart tripod mount on it ?


I bought it with an arm on ebay but I found it separately. This is the same as I have
It can gram Convoy L6, Utorch UT02 and Haikelite SC01 too. It has standard tripod hole and the bigger one (I don’t know what is the bigger size hole).
MAybe to fit some thicker lights you need to put in the flashlight first in the clamp and then put it on the tripod but it works.

Thanks I order this for first help since I don’t have additional tripod for flashlights I using some big DIY stand from iron which is welded…

This will be better if I can find but no luck :cry:

As regards for the bigger hole, look here :slight_smile:

My english is not so good so I can’t find this larger adapter that you can see on the pictures, hope you can so if you need it and find it, you can screw it into your standard tripod mount, and then use bigger hole on this ‘’Articulating Magic Friction Arm’’. Diameter of standard mount is about 6mm and this bigger one is about 9mm.

One more time sorry for spam and thanks for help.

Nice mod ZozzV6. I like your creativity of using a wire spacer to remove the donut hole. :+1:


Ha jól vettem észre magyar vagy. :smiley: . Azt szeretném csak megkérdezni, hogy ezt meg tudnám csinálni egy Convoy c8±as lámpával? Azt nem tudom, hogy 1 db akku ezt hogyan tudná elbirni. Vagy elbirja?

Köszönöm válaszodat!

Igen. :slight_smile: Bocs de nem kaptam emailt hogy írtál ide de a privátról már igen így megoldottuk ott :wink:

How did you de-dome the SST40 and what’s the difference between domed and no dome? Beam pattern? Light output?
I ask cause I’m about to do the same mod exept with a FET+1 driver and a 30Q 18650.

The only SST40 successful dedome was a very first gen SST40 of mine with regular 95 octane petrol.
With dome it was 2232 lumens and 70 kcd.
Dedomed I got 2000 lumens and 136 kcd.

So you lost lumens but gained kcd. What exactly is kcd??

70 kcd is 70000 candelas
With that you measure the light intensity at the brightest spot.

Can you explain why you’re getting more Kendall with less lumens PLEASE?

Because the dome the light gets reflected back to phosphor and geting out again from led and that gains a little. And It causing the led looks bigger surface. The smaller led means higher candela and more far throw.
With dedominh the light only gets out once from led that is why you lose some lumens and the surface looks much smaller that is why you gain candela.

I’m trying to fit an XHP70.2, or a XHP50.2 or the XHP35 in a Convoy C8 as well. What type of driver and board did you use?? I’m sure it has to match the two 18350’s and the single XHP emitter.


I used a zener modded NANJG 105D with 11x7135s and Biscotti firmware