Convoy H1 Headlamp manufacturing problem?

Hi all,
I just took apart my Convoy H1 219B with the TIR reflector to see if I could fix a short, and I noticed that the TIR is not touching the MCPCB, and the MCPCB appears to be held in place with only thermal paste.
This definitely doesn’t seem correct as I’m pretty sure the TIR should be pushed up against the LED’s 3535 footprint and centering it while simultaneously holding it against the back of the light.

Has anyone else noticed this? This seems like a completely flawed design…

Here’s a photo of the problem:

Beamshot comparison with a properly centered TIR held in place by hand:
Note the weird hexagonal artifacts

Until this is resolved, I wouldn’t recommend buying one with a TIR

PS: Inserting a 2mm thermal pad between the MCPCB and the back of the flashlight brings it close enough to touch the TIR.

EDIT: Official reply from Simon via AliExpress:

I am going to let the factory produce some 16*1.5mm copper sheets. If you put it under the LED, this problem can be solved. I will send you some copper pieces in the future, do you think it’s okay?

“This seems like a completely flawed design…” It was clear from the beginning. H1 have deep and small diameter reflector so any TIR can not fit in properly.