【convoy】H4 and B35AM options are updated

Maybe we have a compromise. I can make the brass S2+ thinner, which can reduce the weight.How do you think?

Any time frame because i await to purchase

Please forgive my ignorance, what is the specific LED model of hexagonal Nichia?

I think SBT90.2 is the best choice.
The power of XHP35.3 HI is not big enough, and I don’t like the icon of WINDOWS XP

L7 with battery

Had to goggle it. The 309A/319A.

Looks interesting…

Sure. I think whatever you and the machinists are happy with! If thinner tubing can be purchased at a little lower cost, that would be good. I would just love to have a classic light in brass with Convoy quality (and, ahem, nothing from Lumintop....). :)

Very interesting, maybe inspired by the honeycomb. :smiley:

On my handphone App of the Ali Express website, there is a summer sale item going on for “SBT-90” and “SBT-90 Gen 2” ultra luminous flashlights, both in black and silver, with prices ranging from S$93.42 - S$115.14 (about US$72 - US$88). But nowhere does the mysterious vendor “Shop4558044 Store” mention it is a “Convoy L7”, although its photos show clearly these are Convoy long-tube 2x 26550 flashlights.

Maybe Simon can investigate.

I’m sure I’d buy a brass S2+ no matter what it weighed.

There are many cases like this, and the investigation is quite time-consuming, and we don’t need to bother about it.
My shop address is https://convoy.aliexpress.com
I don’t think it is too difficult to remember it. :smiley:

Button LED is the switch LED. 7 clicks will re-configure the switch LED control. On the AVR MCU's, we can control a low and high level output for the switch LED on just using an I/O pin. Beacon is a periodic blink of the switch LED. So if the switch LED is OFF, 7 clicks will change it to LOW, another 7 clicks will change it to HIGH, etc. That setting will be saved off in flash memory, so it will be set that way until you change it.

Speaking of MT-G2... I chanced upon a flashlight (sometime late 2019 or early 2020) that used this MT-G2 LED in BG (I had no experience with the MT-G2 prior to this flashlight) and ordered it immediately (Nightwatch NS22 with Cree MT-G2 5000k LED), this is basically a "C8" size flashlight, but uses 21700 battery. When I first tried out the MT-G2 LED flashlight before, I did immediately like the beam pattern (no weird corona like those in XHP50.2, XP-L2 or even XHP70.2. Just a creamy white beam pattern.

The following beamshot I took to compare the Convoy S11 with the GT-FC40 4500k versus the Nightwatch NS22 with Cree MT-G2 5000k LED:

Yep, that’s the beauty of the MT-G2. It’s like perfectly neutral, has almost no discernible tint-shift, and is just creamy white goodness through and through.

All the XHPs have that hideous urine-yellow corona around the hotspot, like the loathsome XP-G3. Only way to fix that, mostly, is diffusion film, but then goodbye hotspot, as it’s all flood from there.

I did beamshot test of the Convoy L6 (GT-FC40 4000-4500k, SMO reflector):

2) Convoy L6 (XHP70 N2-3A ,~5000k, default OP reflector) [note: this is the earlier XHP70 LED, not XHP70.2]

3) Convoy L6 (XHP70.2 N4-7A, ~3000k, default SMO reflector)

The GT-FC40 loses some lumens (brightness) but also has some amount of throw when installed on something like the L6 size reflector.

Simon would you consider building a semi-practical hot rod light? M3C host, SBT90.2 LED, 20 amp driver, 26800 tube or 26650 with 26800 extension, 21700 plastic insert. Host has enough mass to be almost practical, thermal sensor set a little generously high.

Thank you very much for your patient explanation, but I still don’t understand the meaning of this function. Is there any flashlight model that applies this function?

But turbo mode may only work for about 20 seconds at most,

Yes, I think SBT90.2 is good. Single power full led that can use with parallel 21700 is good because I want it to has usb-c charging port as in other 4x,3x model. For my opinion, I think a serious thrower led like green CSLNM1 F1 is good too, it’s quite power full with probably highest lumen/die size. It’s Vf is quite high, worth using 3 cells too.
Oh, and since it’s a zoomie, it’s body will gets very hot. Would be nice if it has removable handle as additional option.