CONVOY L2: can it out-throw the TK41?

The TK41 has 60mm head. Will this Convoy L2 (at 68mm) out-throw it?

If it has similar or deeper reflector depth, it should.

I guess I should wait for a review to find out its lux rating. I would be interested to know how it compares to the long-throw Crelant and STLs

Even if it throws further it won’t blow the tk41 away…. but I’d like to see beamshots to find out.

The Convoy L2’s bezel looks very thick and probably that makes the 68mm diameter as per described. My guess is the reflector size is probably more or less same with Skyray STL-V2.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it can, here is why: using the existing photos (front on and side shoot) I get roughly the following dimensions of the reflector.

Width: ~58mm (~15% less then the total width of 68mm)
Depth: anywhere from 42mm-48mm, if they really jammed it in possibly 50mm.

Some other specs:

STL-V2: <54mm wide, 40mm deep
Shadow JM26: 54mm wide, ~38mm deep
TK41 total head diameter: 63.5mm

Hardly accurate measurements but they look about right to me.

I'm guessing it will be about the same as the HD2010 which is 63mm IIRC. Thick bezel on the L2 should make the reflector about the same size as the HD2010. Throw in that extra 26650 cell and you have the makings of a great camping light that will run for a good long time and allow for plenty of time on high.

What I find funny with this light is that FT says it will only accept cells of less than 67mm in length. So if this light is used in 2x18650 configuration with protected cells, isn’t it difficult to find a protected cell at less than 67mm long?

Of the four different models available, which do you guys think is the nearest to neutral white?

The T6-3C should be closest at around 4500 and then the T5-5c at around 3500-4000. The T4-7c should be around 3000 and I will tell you that they are very yellow.

I’m thinking an unprotected King Kong may be one of just a few options that would work with it. Good catch on the 67mm. I missed that completely.

What if I plan to use 2x26650 KKs, ok with unprotecteds?

Others may have differing opinions but I have no problem using quality unprotected cells. My KKs are unprotected and I have unprotected Panasonic 18650’s I use all the time. Just take the usual precautions and don’t run them down too low and you should be fine.

That’s true. I have been using my K40, which is a 3S light with unprotecteds. Quality cells, usual precautions as you said, did not have problems at all. I checked the cells randomly and the voltage differences were no more than .01 volt from each other.

If ever I get this light I might as well power it with 2 unprotected KKs. Seems inexpensive for its specs.