Convoy L2...Guess who's back???

Damn. hate you convoy!
Spend 40$ today. |(
Yes… I did buy the L2. :bigsmile: :party: 0:)

Just submitted the order for the L2 host, along with 1 blue S2+ host, and blue and red pairs of shorty adapters Smile. Thanks!!

I think you’ll be quite happy with all of them. The short tubes are perfectly machined and work like a charm. I bought one of each color too. :bigsmile: I can’t wait for the clip. That for me is what’s really going to make the shorty a great EDC light. And I’ve already said it but it bears repeating. I love the new L2. It’s built like a tank.

This host looks excellent. The only draw back I can see is the 17mm driver opening. IMHO I think it should be 22mm, this would give much better driver options.

bibihang, Richard has the high current 17mm MTN-MAX driver? It can still handle big currents & has been tested to withstand lots of stress tests. The 22mm version is probably better, but I’m not sure if its necessary?

I think its important that Simon makes sure that there’s enough height in the driver cavity for the driver to fit - the inductor takes up some space.

For single cell as it is now, the 17mm driver is perfect - lots of options, but of course I only want a FET+1 anyway. But yes, for 2-3 cell options, the bigger driver is almost a definite.

Ohh btw - Simon gave me 15% off the entire order Wink.

Wish I could jury rig an e-switch in this light though - would be perfect for my new 45/85 e-switch firmware (in here: I always preferred e-switch's, but now, it's a whole new realm with almost all the bells and whistles, and room to add even more features. Just give me a side mounted switch with 2 wires hanging off of it in the pill, and I'll be happy.

Go spend some more. :bigsmile:
S2+ black UV 365nm flashlight ,nichia 365UV in side US $25.67

Thanks shrick.

FYI - All of this has been communicated with Simon as well as 20mm for the MCPCB.

Yes, I do aware of Richard’s buck driver, in fact I’m running it in my modded 1405 now and it rocks.


  1. The price of the 17mm MTN-MAX high profile buck driver itself is quite reasonable actually, but for those who live outside USA, the shipping fee is insanely expensive, which is not quite affordable to many people.

2. This is not to say that Richard’s driver isn’t good (in fact they are awesome), but larger pill opening means more driver options available. For example if I already have a 21mm buck driver in my storage box I can use it in the light directly, don’t need to order another driver for that matter.

3. Who knows Richard or other fellow BLF members will design an even better buck driver in the future, but comes in the size of 21mm?

4. If you want to use a 17mm driver in a pill with 21mm opening, it isn’t difficult. You can simply add a contact board to your 17mm driver, or press-fit a brass ring into the opening to ‘convert’ the opening diameter.

Just some humble thoughts. :slight_smile:

Thanks JDub

How do you get a 6v 5amp (Max) Buck driver to rock and roll a XHP-70? :~ It just starts to get bright at around 6amps? Then there is the heat to deal with, (heat sinking,potting) so you don’t smoke the driver? Can you get a buck driver to do 7-9amps? Cause I’ve been told different? Wouldn’t you be better off with a 7135 driver, if you want or need regulation? Just asking? On a side note- I would like to see a thicker shelf if running a XHP-70, like 10mm or better? Driver cavity diameter, don’t matter to me, I can make adapters, for anything? So what ever get’s decided I’m good with. :wink:

The measurement of the inside (battery tube) end to end is almost exactly 2.75 inches or 69.85mm. This would of course be smashing the springs to non existence so I’d say it’s a no for a 26700.

So, what do you think of this new L2? Do you have some photos and some beamshots?

In short… I love it. It’s excellent even in it’s stock form. I honestly didn’t expect to be very impressed with it until it had been modded with at least more power. Mine is just a pure stock L2 with the default XM-L2 yet I’m very impressed. The throw is ridiculous for a stock light, pretty much matching my heavily modded XinTD C8. I’ve never seen a dome-on emitter throw such a tight defined hotspot. With a few tweaks it has crazy potential. Keep in mind this is not a pocketable light. It’s big and heavy…beautifully heavy. So much aluminum that at 5 minutes on high there is no heat to be felt. I just tested indoors sitting on a table pointing at the ceiling with no additional air circulation. At somewhere between 12 and 15 minutes the body started getting warm and then it quickly spread throughout the entire flashlight body. The huge deep cooling fins just eat heat for breakfast. In a couple weeks a few more of us (particularly those with modding skills) will have these and can offer more valuable input. I know Simon wants to move on to the next version but honestly I think it would be a big mistake to drop this design. You will absolutely NOT regret buying this light. It’s just awesome. I don’t own anything like it. Honestly I think Simon knocked this out of the park. He hesitated on making it because I think he actually lost money on the original L2 and he is a little uncomfortable selling a light at over $40 but when you have it in your hands you see exactly why it costs that and it’s a bargain at that price. The threads are beautiful and disassembly and reassembly is butter smooth. I will try to get some decent pictures tomorrow. I need daylight for good shots since I’m just using my phone for pictures these days. I can’t promise beam shots but I’ll try. Sorry for being so wordy but that’s just kinda how I roll. :bigsmile:

My L2 just shipped SmileCool.

I got a tracking number from Simon so my l2 is also on my way. :bigsmile:

Ordered mine with the XM-L2 T6-3B
Without the BLF discount :wink:

Could you imagine if they came out with a 8.4v 26650 size battery? :open_mouth: Talk about having your cake and eating too!! :party:

Can anyone give me a rough idea of the hotspot size at 100 and/or 200 yards? Also, any thoughts on a XPG2 in one of these. I’m thinking long range hunting/search light.

Look up DST threads. It should have a relatively similar beam profile.