Convoy L2...Guess who's back???

L2/L6 Modding thread!
There is a thread dedicated to modding both the L2 and L6 that I should have mentioned here sooner. Please visit here.
L2/L6 modding thread!

Update 2017-01-11
I just realized I never posted the deal here that BG setup for us on the KeepPower protected 5200mAh 26650 cells.
I asked and they delivered.
These cells are ideal for the L2 and L6. I personally use them in both.
Here is the link:
KP5200 Protected 26650
Use this code for 50% off!
Note: This deal is expires on February 28

Update: 2016-11-03
Seeing how big the L2 and L6 threads have gotten I decided it was time to create a dedicated modding thread for both lights. Since they are brothers and share some parts a combined thread seemed fitting.

If you have experience to share please check it out.

If you’re looking for L2 or L6 build/modding info, this should be a valuable resource. :THUMBS-UP:

The L2/L6 modding thread is Here

Edit: 01-13-2016:
The new L2 host will ship with both the XM-L2 and XPL-HI centering rings.

Edit: 01-11-2016:
The new L2 host is now listed in the Convoy store. The new version host is $40.67. 15% discount can be used here too.
Here is the link to the host:

Edit: 01-08-2016 BIG Update:
The new version L2 is here. I’ve removed some of the obsolete info from this post.
The price has gone up a few dollars (now $49.76) to cover the upgrades but the 15% discount still applies.

As previously stated the new version has some changes…

  • L2 now comes stock with AR coated glass.
  • L2 now comes with a single tube and an extension tube similar to the way the L4 is sold.
  • Removable threaded tactical ring. A simple ring is also included to cover the threads for those of you that dislike tactical rings.
  • New driver. The new version uses the LD-29 driver meaning the stock light will work essentially the same whether you are using a single cell or 2 cells with the extension tube.
  • Different tube and knurling. The older “block pattern” knurling was dropped because of the difficulty getting the knurling to align when using the extension. You can still have the block style if you purchase the separate tube but only for 2 cells.
  • Different emitter. The stock emitter is now XPL-HI.
    XPL HI V2-1A CW 6500-7000K (this comes standard)
    XPL HI U6-3A NW 5000-5300K (add $0.50)
    XPL HI U6-4B NW 4500-4700K (add $0.50) This one is on the warmer side of neutral

Here is a link to the new light:

And now for some pictures!

Here is what it looks like with the tactical ring.

With the simple ring.

Single cell configuration (extension removed). Stumpy. :bigsmile:

The extension tube with your choice of rings. Really happy with the way this turned out. :slight_smile:

The one-piece two-cell tubes are also now listed on the Convoy store. They will come with both the tactical and simple rings and you can choose the block style knurling like the previous L2 or the ring style knurling. This will work with the new L2 as well as the previous version. The ring style doesn’t look much different than the two-piece tube for any that like the ring style knurling better it just gives you one more option.

Here is the block style tube.

Here is the ring style tube.

The price for the tube with both rings is $8.51 but I believe the 15% discount applies here too.
Here are both of the links:

Block style:

Ring style:

Edit: 12-22-2015:
The first batch of L2 in Simon’s store are completely sold out. Simon confirmed this. He said the next batch should be available in roughly 10 days. I believe this will be the next revision which will come with the single tube and extension and a new driver that supports both the one cell and two cell configurations.

Edit: 12-19-2015:
Simon has listed the XPL-HI centering ring for the L2 on his site.
Here is the link:
There are clear anodized versions of the L2 and upcoming L6 in the works. They should be released early next year. Finally, Simon is making a simple ring to cover the exposed threads for those who choose to use the 2 cell tube and don’t want to use the tactical ring.

Edit: 12-03-2015:
Simon tells me the first batch of the current L2 will be sold out soon.

Edit: 10-27-2015:
The host link is active. Sold out

Edit: 10-20-2015:

It’s Alive! Original version sold out in the Convoy store.

I received my stock L2 today and to get right to the point I love it. This is a heavy metal beast with awesome heat-sinking. Probably the best out-of-the-box thrower I’ve seen and HUGE potential for those with modding skills. Super tight hot spot even from the stock XM-L2 and the new driver is way better than the standard Convoy 3/5 driver. I can only imagine what an XPL-HI would do! With a few tweaks this is going to be a monster. I’m already pushing Simon hard for the double length tube. I go over my first impression in more detail in post #209

To get the discount at least for now I suggest adding it to your cart and selecting the pay option then in the note area let him know you are a BLF member and would like the 15% discount, then message him with your order number. He will adjust the price and away you go.

Before anyone complains about the details on this first edition rebirth of the L2, remember that Simon said this is just the first revival of the L2 and he plans to make an updated version taking into account our requests for design changes.

That said, this new L2 sounds very promising even this first release. The styling is pretty awesome IMHO. He’s using a better than standard driver (LD25) which I’m not familiar with but he says is completely current controlled with no PWM noise and is easy to tune the current. If you look at the LD25 driver alone on Simon’s store he has a link to a video showing how to adjust the current. The modes are a little better than standard. The stock setup is low-med-high with a hidden strobe accessed by a quick double tap on the switch button.

I have one on the way so I’ll report back as soon as I have a chance to test it out. :bigsmile: Even this first rendition has the potential to be one heck of a thrower with a few tweaks.
Here are a couple pics:

Love the deep fins on the head!

And a nice fancy gift box like the S2+

Like I have been saying all along - All you have to do is contact him and show him that he can make the sales :)

Good for you! I am happy to see that your efforts are paying off :) Maybe you will become Simon's BLF rep :)

Good new’s indeed! New, Improved and Bigger (hint hint) + Convoy Quality, Design and Engineering! = Winner! Can’t wait to see this! :beer: (clink!) :beer:

LOL Yeah, it looks like I’m his rep at the moment. The time difference and language barrier both slow progress down a bit but I love BLF and have a lot of respect for the quality products he makes. Once I realized that Simon is Convoy I just wouldn’t leave him alone. :bigsmile: The result of me hounding him so much is I finally seem to have his ear and I’ve made it clear how much BLF respects him and wants more of his products. From what I’ve seen it’s not just about sales for him. He’s a flashlight geek just like us. It’s not like he forgot about us but he too has a personal life and has had some things to deal with in the last year that doesn’t allow him time to post here or advance the Convoy product line as much as he would like too. He had to put family first which I absolutely respect. The fact that he slowed Convoy down to take care of his daughter is just one more reason to support him. It says a lot about his core values and as we see in his products, he doesn’t cut corners. That’s why I’m doing this. BLF is a great group of people that step up to help each other. Often for no reason other than to show respect for the community and appreciation for those who have helped along the way. The Old Lumens situation that evolved into the DB Custom situation is a perfect example. That whole thing made me so happy to be a part even if a small one. I can’t mod lights (yet) and I don’t have a store but I sure can talk! Too much sometimes. I’m afraid keeping things short and to the point is NOT my strong point in case you haven’t noticed. :smiley: Simon says (love saying that) things are looking up and next year should bring more exciting new products.

That is good news!

Let’s see, which do I do first, MT-G2 or XHP70? :smiley:

I hope the L2 has a larger and deeper reflector!

I want the Convoy L2.2 to dwarf the Jax X6 Hunter.

+1 and please tell him so. This merits respect.

I hope it has a OP reflector option for those of us that want to use a XHP50 or XHP70.

Or he can ship the host Banggood style. By the time the light arrives at your door, it will have a ghetto OP finish on the reflector. :smiley:

Hope he’ll have it as a host…

Is Simon going to give us a XP-L HI option?

Thanks for your efforts!

He said to me that (atleast) the first batch has a smooth reflector.
(Exact words where “just normal version for xml2 this batch”)
I’ll ask if he will sell it as a host.

I had a Convoy L2 back previously and if there is one thing I really hope Simon has changed it is the size of the driver cavity and I hope he has allowed for a 32mm MCPCB! They were a massive let down on the last light and just made it difficult to work with.

Nice. This light was only available for a short while after I started this "hobby" and for a while it was the one to get.

I got a MTG2 just waiting for a L2 as soon as Simon releases it.

As for the XHP70, Kai Domain has answered our prayers. I’m waiting on Kai Domain to get back with me with the price of this flashlight in a host form. Chuck the extension in to your parts bin and assemble this bad boy with the XHP70 with the tint of your choice and zener modded fet driver. When KD gets back with me, they’ll tell me what size the driver is. If it’s 26mm, RMM has got us covered.

Cree XHP70 White 2000 Lumens 5-Mode LED Flashlight - Black (2 x 18650 / 2 x 26650)


Brand: -
Model: -
Flashlight Material: Aluminum Alloy
Flashlight Color: Black
Emitter Brand/Type: Cree
Emitter BIN: XHP-70
Color BIN: White
Total Emitters: 1
Battery Configurations: 2 x 18650 / 2 x 26650 Li-ion batteries (not included)
Switch Type: Clicky
Switch Location: Tail Cap
Modes: 5
Mode Memory: -
Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS
Circuitry: 3 x 18650 / 3 x 26650: Digital Regulated 2500mA Current Output
2 x 18650 / 2 x 26650: Digital Regulated 4000mA Current Output
Brightness: 2000 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)
Runtime: 2 to 3 Hours (manufacturer rated)
Lens: Coated Glass Lens
Reflector: Aluminum Textured / OP Reflector
Carrying Clip: -
Carrying Strap: Yes
Other Features: Waterproof IPX-4 Standard
Dimension: 250mm (L) x 79mm (Dia. of Head) x 35mm (Dia. of Body)
Weight: 650g (not include battery)
Package Content: 1. 1 x Flashlight
2. 3 x Battery Tray

He replied with:“will sell host”.
So it will eventually be available as a host.

Great news, thanks… This may just become a winner! Lets hope for the best :slight_smile:

I don’t have practical experience with the L2, but if I look at the size of the reflector one should hit 250kcd. I’m excited! I’ve been looking for for a bigger brother (26650) version of the Convoy C8. I’ve eventually settled on the Yezl Y3, which has the advantage of the side switch, but, I think the L2 might be a clean, good replacement for the Y3. I believe it will be more expensive though, but, the quality should also be better. I’m all for quality…

This thing is comparable in weight and size to the Jax X6 hunter.
Product name: JAX X6 Hunter Flashlight Shell
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Color: black
Weight: 682G (without battery,LED and driver)
Size:240mm x 74mm x 35mm(length x head x tail diameter)

Thats a really nice looking light! Is there a review somewhere of this light?
I hope they sell it as a host with a decent price so I can mod it myself with a XHP-70.

Looks like that light has a good quality, unfortunately way too expensive for a host…