Convoy L2...Guess who's back???

This thread is going OT, as nice as that other light may be…

Anyone know how long it will be before the 2nd coming of the L2?


It took a month setup time for the Blue S2+

“t took a month setup time for the Blue S2+”

Yeah, and that’s just changing the Ano.

A total resurrection from the dead will take longer…

Any changes that will be made will make it even longer yet…

I just wasn’t into budget lights it’s first incarnation, so it wasn’t on my radar.

Looks to be a really nice light, but I do hope that it has some kind of upscale driver, not something like the S2+ has.


Based on what Simon told me I’d guess about a month before we hear or see anything on the new L2 but I asked him if he can give us an update. Any updated info I receive will be posted here. Based on what he said it is a new design so while I’m sure it will be similar to the old L2 this is a new design.

Whoever is in contact with Simon, could you please ask if he has revised the driver cavity and the size of the MCPCB it accepts??

Yes. I will. Contact with Simon is tricky but I will do my best and I will pass have passed on your question.

Well he’s not exactly giving out detailed drawings but “Simon says”

about the L2 flashlight
pcb size 20*1.6mm
driver size 17mm


I hope it does not have integrated charging… just complicates modding. I see many of the new lights from Simon has it.

+1 to the NO Charging!

I fear that, because of the unwashed masses this will be the wave of the future :frowning:


MT-G2 and no integrated charging, please :slight_smile:

Larger head, side e-switch and rear switch would be nice. USB charging would suck for a big light. I like things more Spartan. Less flashy bling that could go wrong.

I doubt Simon will put USB charging in it. The reason you he has them is he has slapped his logo on the BD series of small flashlights already being produced by a OEM and used by Dipper and ThorFire. After reviewing 2 BD lights myself, It’s a feature that I wouldn’t use unless it was for a glove box light that can be topped off with my cigarette outlet USB charger. They would be good for gift giving along with a protected cell for those of the unwashed masses.

I think the head will be the same. I asked Simon if he would share any more details. All I got back was that the size will be the same as the last version but he’s making it “more beautiful”. :slight_smile: He’s playing it close to the vest this time; probably a good idea knowing how many copycats are in China waiting to pounce!

I like the idea of an e-switch on that one. I mentioned Jub’s comment to Simon. I doub’t he’ll change his design now but who knows. Maybe he already has an e-switch planned for it. :bigsmile:

Can’t wait! This might just be a Great light… I hope Simon gets it right.


Please, Pretty Please give us a Side E-Switch and a Rear Clicky!

Oh! - And Please let the XP-L HI be an option for sure!


I vote side E-Switch only!
Just be sure it has very low parasitic drain and give it anodized threads for those who want to lock it out. No need to add extra length with a tail switch imho.

That would be nice wouldn’t it? I told him yesterday that we’d like to see XP-L HI as a stock option and I shot him another email today after Jubeldum mentioned the e-switch. Interesting that he says he’s making it “more beautiful”. I thought the first design was sweet looking. And now we wait… :steve:

L2 Cobalt Blue (more beautiful) :wink:

I hope Simon will offer the options of both SMO or OP reflector, so that people can assemble the light based on their own preference (whether using XP-L HI or XHP emitters), best of both world I guess.

And perhaps the reflector hole can be made to fit the XHP 70 LED, that would be even better especially in this increasingly more competitive flashlight market. Just as much as I am aware of, while Simon does produce some high quality lights he has yet to come out with something which is really powerful to stand out from the crowds, and I can see this Convoy L2 has the potential to become one, because it can already accepted two 26650 batteries, and if Simon produces an extension tube for it then it can even take more batteries if one wishes. With the right driver (high current of course) it will definitely produce some massive sheer lumens and throw!

20mm for the pill opening is also a bit small for most buck drivers. It should have at least 21mm in diameter for the drivers, and not only that, the depth of the pill is also very important and it should allow 11mm of driver’s height if not more.

Last but not least Simon should start to employ DTP copper board in his lights, because a lot of upcoming (medium range) Chinese lights have started using DTP copper board already. Not only this won’t be adding a lot of cost to his products, but it will also give his products a lot more potential and competitiveness, seriously.

All the above requests will not cost Simon a hell of a works to do anyway I believe. He just need to do some minor modifications on his existing L2, that’s it!

I love my Convoy S2+, the floodiness is awesome, the tint lovely. It gets used like 4-5 times per week as bed side lamp. I am not a big fan of the driver though :slight_smile: Simon could do with something like the TK driver on the BLF A6 :stuck_out_tongue:

E-switch would be very nice… Yikes, we need to make sure we don’t upset Simon with all the requests! Maybe we suddenly get NOTHING! :slight_smile: