Convoy L2...Guess who's back???


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing - Don’t want to upset Simon!

Simon said that he was going to bring back the L2, not introduce an entirely different light:-)

OTOH - Feedback on what the market is thinking is very valuable. I can think of some real Dogs (in other brands) that were introduced that nobody wanted, that fell flat on their face right out of the gate, never to be seen again. - ‘They’ really should come here and ask us first :wink:

Simon - I’m very pleased that you are bringing the L2 back! - But, if I could have just ONE thing different, please let it be a XP-L HI option.

Oh! - And a Side E-Switch, of course :slight_smile: ………………………. :evil:

Thank you,

Nailed it, this is exactly why people do market surveys!

Okay I passed the most common group ideas for the L2 along to Simon. No, we aren’t making him mad but I think he is pretty much done with this version . This is how he responded:

“Thanks for your suggestion and all good for DIY (modding). This batch of L2 is one transitional version. I will consider all your suggestion in next batch”

He also included a small low-res picture of the new version. Looks pretty beefy!

Hopefully better pictures and information will follow but he’s probably going to hold back on releasing too much info until it’s ready to sell in his store. I’ll certainly keep you all as informed as I am. Unless I’m sworn to secrecy of course… :wink:

New L2 + BLF FET Driver + XP-L HI = :love:

I don’t know how to set up custom group buys, but if I did, that’s the one I would try to set up.

Looks very nice!
But, it is just single cell? That would be a drawback imo. (was planning to make a L2 with a MT-G2 with 2x26650 :P)
Still, a very nice looking light with potential.

Hmmm… Earlier you said: “All I got back was that the size will be the same as the last version but he’s making it “more beautiful”.
So I assume it’s still a 2 cell light, with the option to use 1 cell.
But can you ask if it is indeed 2 cell?

Is that what the now-to-come L2 will look like? Or the next version?

Looks pretty badass and made for 26650.
Will buy.

Hmmm, hope it has a 68mm (courui) or bigger reflector?

Well, if we take the battery-tube as 30mm the head is around 60mm

If it’s a single 26650, hope there’s an available extension tube.

+1 :party:

Dude, Simon, pretty sweet styling. :bigsmile: Nice tac-cool feel.
I like the body knurling and the cutouts in the head fin section, they should work as anti-roll too.

No side button visible. Was really hoping for that. :_(

I am LOVING that beefed up exterior!!! :love: :love:

Yeah, 60mm, it would be pretty close to the K40M reflector, 62mm and that’s a beauty! :wink: It is very cool looking, you got to have it, I got to gave it, it’s a CONVOY!!! :love:

The head of the K40M is 76.2mm. - No way is the head of the Convoy L2 that big.


Yeah, I know a lot of people were hoping for a side switch but keep in mind he did say this is just the first rendition of the resurrected L2 and that he said he will consider all our suggestions for the next version. He didn’t get our suggestions until after he’d already pretty much completed his design. When I first got the picture I asked him why he did away with the stainless bezel. The more I look at it I don’t think I’d want stainless on this one. It looks more aggressive/menacing without the added bling of stainless. I think this one is going to be really cool. Keep in mind Simon will always consider our suggestions but he makes the decisions. While we all want our ideas to come to life, he is the craftsman here and he is no pushover. If he doesn’t like an idea, he just won’t do it. This is part of his personality and I believe very closely tied to why his lights are so good. He doesn’t compromise unless he is 100% on board with an idea. He has his employees and trusted manufacturers but the decisions are all his. No purchasing department that could shortcut a quality component to save a few cents or pocket a little on the side. This devotion to his business is why Convoy quality is so consistent and why I chose to support him. He may tell us “no” once in a while but he is setting the bar high for Chinese businesspeople. I wish more would follow that example. And I spun out again… I tend to ramble in case you haven’t noticed. :smiley: In closing… Bring on the L2! :beer:

Yep the reflector is 62mm. So a 60mm reflector could be possible in the Convoy? You don’t need 13mm or 6.5mm per side to retain a reflector? The Courui head is 76mm and the reflector is 68mm. The JAX X6 head is 74mm with a 62mm reflector, and is way over built for that reflector. So much so you could use it as a Mace, Club or a Hammer and never hurt it!

Seems like only Simon knows for sure, and Simon is not saying;-)


My guess is that there will be no pill, he seems to be moving to an integrated shelf across his product line.


I owned a first batch Convoy L2, modded by Vinz (Germany) with dedomed XP G2, driver etc. (no LD1 or LD2 at that time . . . .)
It reached 386Kcd with a blue Efest IMR 26650 “3000” (2500 mAh in real life). At that time, the best 26650 high drain available.

What I liked a lot was the overall build quality: thick walls, very good threads, good any, brass inserts on all the tube parts, making for excellent electrical contact, and a AR coated lens standard. Even better: the reflector was screwed into the head, so it was part of the mass absorbing the heat. Very good light at a reasonable price. :steve:

I very much like the looks of this new style L2: it just looks “the business” if you get my drift. :wink:

If this one is any good and/or moddable I will get it, maybe two for different mods (or one as a gift for my favourite German modder :slight_smile:

Perhaps next generation with side switch and other options? We’ll see. And probably buy that one as well :bigsmile:

BTW: Present day Efest IMR 3500 purple is a tad better (than the old Efest blue) and the new Vappower IMR 4200 green is quite some better so even with one cell a dedomed XP G2 would do nice. Very nice in fact.